Mira shower mixer

Mira shower mixer combining hot and cold water is possible with a mixer shower to create the perfect temperature.

By automatically adjusting to the set temperature, thermostatic mixer showers ensure no sudden bursts of freezing or boiling water, making showering a safe and consistent experience.

Our Mira shower mixer is equipped with our revolutionary Mira Magni-float design, which allows them to deliver up to 3x more water flow no matter how low the pressure, making them the UK’s most potent.

Types of Mira showers:

Mira offers six different types of mixer showers. In Exposed Variable (EV) batteries, like the best-selling Mira Excel EV, the controls are visible on the wall, while in Exposed Rigid (ER) and Exposed Rigid with Diverter (ERD) showers, like the Mira Opera Dual, both controls and showerhead are mounted on the wall.

A Built-In Variable (BIV) shower, like the Mira Element BIV, has the powers and showerhead integrated into the walls, whereas a Built-In Rigid (BIR) shower, like the Mira Adept BIR, has both.

Choices of showers:

Renovating a bathroom means choosing from so many choices for mira shower mixer heads, panels, and handsets that the consumer is spoilt for choice.

With more than one aisle in the hardware store dedicated to showers and a variety of electric, mixer, and digital showers being developed daily, much consideration goes into choosing the correct Mira shower. Apart from the type of shower,

There are many styles and materials, such as steel and plastic.

  • Determine the type of water system in the home. If a geyser or an eco-friendly solar panel is fitted, different types of showers are needed. The mixer shower takes water from both hot and cold sources and are suited to homes with ample water supply.
  • The flow is faster, but it uses slightly more water than an electric shower that works like a kettle, taking water from the cold water supply and passing it over a heating element inside the shower before delivering warm water. These showers are ready to use, and there is no wait for the water to warm up. Examine an electric battery’s kilowatt rating to determine the water output’s force.
  • Mira Sport is one of the most popular electric showers in the UK because it is easy to install and requires little maintenance.
  • Mira Bijou has a dual function as a shower and storage solution. This mira shower mixer unit will save space and increase water flow with a high-performance mini valve. Mira Atom & Diverter has a deluge head and a separate showerhead as a mixer shower.
    The Mira Extreme Thermostatic power shower, with a stylish modern push button design,
  • Mira Extreme Thermostatic controls temperature from a safety perspective and prevents nasty burns or cold showers.


Once the suitable shower has been chosen, follow instructions and tips from the experts regarding installation.

Firstly: Never seal an electric shower to the wall, as it should be separated by a few millimeters to allow ventilation; otherwise, it could overheat. Learn the jargon associated with shower products, such as a tiling upstand that is a 22mm integral vertical extension to two or three sides of a shower tray.

It provides a watertight finish between the tray and the finished wall surface and T-shaped joint hooks over the tiling upstand to avoid sealing the upstand into a solid wall as the T shape hooks hold the three pieces together.

Secondly; Riser legs can fit the underside of the tray to lift the tray off the floor. Waste cannot accumulate in the bottom, and the riser legs are adjustable up or down.

Thirdly, install the shower panels on level ground and plan the installation on the enclosures. Check that the building is correct and there is no leakage. Connect the water pipes properly and test the shower before using it.

Although installation is made as simple as possible, there are always risks and things that can go wrong with plumbing and water supply. Read the instructions and send an online query if you doubt your installation ability.

Mira shower mixer  best in quality:

When it comes to bathing and taking a shower, you simply want the best you can get while not spending over much in the process. Mira showers offer the best in high-quality equipment for your showering pleasure while decreasing costs.

Any fine line of the batteries provided by the Mira bath equipment will satisfy the most discriminating shopper. Since 1921 Mira has been leading the pack when it comes to quality shower heads, shower enclosures, controls, diverters, and mixers.

The offering of :

1)Electronic showers can take cold water from the supply and heat it, mixing carefully for the most comfortable temperature and supplying that warmed water directly to you as you shower.

Temperature control is as essential for a relaxing shower experience as water pressure. By heating on demand for showering purposes, energy is saved.

Precisely temperature control ensures safety because showering will cease when it is automatically turned off if that temperature rises above its preset level. These measures have found Mira Showers to earn the BEAB CARE award for safety.

2) Mira shower mixer will take water from both cold and hot supplies and then mix the two to achieve an ideal water temperature selected by the user. It often results in a faster, more forceful flow. A designer can also use these in a mini design for space-saving capability.

3) With separate temperature and water flow control operated by a push button, showering is easy for all ages in the family. Some authorities provide LED backlit off and on buttons along with flow and temperature control for easy-to-see contact with the rules.

4) The Mira products provide high limescale resistance when they flush hot water from the tank, and the delayed shutdown ensures the following user won’t be scalded by hot water alone.

5) Some models have three programmable memory modes for storing favorite temperature and flow settings. As many as eight maximum temperature settings ensure each user’s showering experience is satisfied. You control the flow for brisk, refreshing, more calming, leisurely showering mode.

Building a new home or adding a bathroom?

Look into the line of shower enclosures offered by Mira showers. Whether there is room for a full-size shower or a corner unit, there is one to fit your needs.

The corner entry and bi-fold door models are compact yet provide an efficient walk-in shower stall for every need. Add the sound mixer and shower head to your new shower and enjoy the moment.

The total size enclosures are generous in proportion and offer beauty and function simultaneously. Use multiple shower heads for maximum efficiency in your daily shower experience.


Easy to install and easy to maintain, Mira shower mixer have much to offer. As an excellent choice among young and old alike, the showering options offered by Mira have safety, comfort, style, and convenience.

With many built-in safety features and the versatility of water temperature and volume selection, your shower will truly be enjoyed and appreciated by the entire household for decades to come.

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