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If you’re eager to get the tea time results, you must follow these steps. Be sure to check our website every day to find the latest teatime predictions and to win more.

UK49s Teatime odds

Below, you will see how we compare the odds of the Uk49 teatime on a number of betting websites. In general, the odds are comparable:

  • 1 Ball = 8.00
  • Two Balls equals 66.00
  • Three Balls equals 715.00
  • Four Balls equals 10001.00
  • 5 balls = 100001.00

UK49 teatime

UK49s tea time of draw

UK 49s TeaTime draw takes place all day long, with weekends also included. Days UK49s Teatime takes place: every day, weekends included. It takes place at 19:30 SAST every day. We also offer the teatime UK49s results or view the 49s hot picks for today for every draw.

How do I play the UK49s Teatime

You just need to decide on the number of numbers you would like to choose (maximum six, but ranging between 1 to 49) and also how much you’d like to put on your bet, and then make your wager.

In every draw the balls are selected randomly to be followed by an additional number referred to by the name Booster.

The different choices are referred to as Pick 1 2, Pick 2 3 and Pick 3 and Pick 4, 4 as well as Pick 5 The goal is to match each of the numbers you choose to match the numbers drawn.

How to bet on UK49 teatime

To place bets for the UK49 teatime draw, you have to be registered on an online betting site. While each betting site functions slightly differently, there are some major similarities. Be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Sign up with a betting website (ensure that you have FICA)
  • Make a deposit
  • Login to your account and click the link or title that reads “Lucky Numbers”
  • There’s a listing of the various lotteries that you are able to bet on.
  • Choose UK49 and then select teatime
  • Select the numbers for teatime that you believe will be drawn
  • Input your stake
  • Click the Bet button

Markets/Teatime Betting Options

While the majority of gamblers place bets on the classic or classic plus bonus market there are many other options to choose from. This includes:

  • First ball color
  • Odd/Even
  • Bonus Odd/Even
  • Draw Sum

The UK49 Teatime Rules: There is no fixed stake, therefore the amount you earn depends on the amount you bet and the amount of numbers you bet. Payouts vary between bookmakers, but generally speaking the higher your stake the more you could be able to win.

Every bookmaker has their own limits for the betting maximum (and later payouts) that they take. It is recommended to check the guidelines set down by your bookmaker prior to joining in as they could differ among different operators.

You can only win if you match all the numbers you choose – there’s no winning prize for selecting four numbers, and only matching just three. To win you must be able to match all four numbers.

Your chances of winning are contingent on the choice of whether you play the “6 Number Draw’ or the 7 Number Draw’.

The Seven Number Draw comes with an additional Booster Ball, which gives the player an additional chance to win if you match one of your numbers while the ‘6 Number Draw’ is only composed of the six primary numbers.

You can play right up until the official game start time. You can then pick your own numbers, or take the Lucky Dip. You can also select the number of days to play for (maximum of seven consecutive days).

If you do win and you win, you’ll get paid according to the rules for prizes of the bookmaker that are dependent on the odds and the stake you have placed.

Some background

The UK 49’s lottery for lunchtime is a part of the larger UK 49 Predictions which was established in the early 1990s just a few years following the UK National Lottery.

The purpose of UK49 was to develop the same lottery-like draw game that was also a gambling/casino type program, in contrast to a national state lottery.

There are two draws that are held every day . The lunchtime draw is held at 12:49pm (UK time) as well as the teatime draw around 16:49 (UK time). Both draws stream live throughout the UK in betting shops that are participating and on the internet.

UK49s Teatime Prediction

Find the most up-to-date Hot Balls and Cold Balls from the UK teatime draw of the 49s (also known as UK 49s evening), and use these to forecast the next UK teatime draw at 49. It is the UK Teatime draw occurs daily at around 1830.

There are different ways players can make predictions about teatime in Uk49. This could include using an Lucky numbers guide using their birth date and star sign or even creating random numbers.

Hot teatime numbers

Hot numbers for teatime refer to those numbers that are often drawn. These numbers are used to display the most popular teatime numbers.

Teatime cold numbers

Teatime cold numbers are those numbers drawn less often. This is in order to highlight those numbers that are not as well-known in terms of being drawn.

How do you be successful in winning UK49 Teatime

If you want to make money on your bet for the UK49 teatime draw the prediction(s) have to be accurate.

There are many odds to be exactly the same, because you are able to choose (1) the amount you’d like to wager and (2) the number of numbers you wish to forecast.

The probability of winning varies dramatically based on the number of balls you’ve selected however, it is impossible to guarantee winning.

Less numbers mean that you are more likely of winning, however you’ll win a smaller amount. Higher numbers indicate that your chance of winning is less, however the amount you are awarded is much higher.

Notification: We have not been concerned about selling or purchasing tickets. We have also not advertised any kind of lottery. We’ve only presented the results from official sources and Teatime

Prediction: For the 49s, or the times for tea time and lunch results here. The selling and buying of merchandise is only accessible through the official stores of the 49ers.

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