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The origins of this board game date back to the late 1500s in Southern Italy. In Naples, it was the most well-known game at the time.

Wordwide Recognition

It is a well-known game that has had a small change made to its name. Brazil, Mexico, and other North American nations, as well as the United States of America, are included.

In addition to these, it is well-known in Ireland, Germany, the UK, and other nations. Other alterations include Bingo and Housie.

Although it is known as “Tambola support” in Southeast Asian nations, there is a wealth of information on . Additionally, some individuals spell it Tambola.

The most fun, engaging, and family-friendly game is . In many cities and nations, it serves as the focal point of holiday gatherings. People also love it at gatherings and on New Year’s Eve.

Wherever it is played, this well-known party game can become the center of attention. People play this game till late at night in bars throughout several nations.



Currently, there are no commercial sponsors for this site. The site’s proprietors receive no financial benefit from it.

Therefore, this site’s links are all about sports and lottery games. For more data on tombola games, check out a website. It’s imperative that you know what you’re doing.

You’ll be wasting your time and money if you don’t. Those who aren’t should look at the alternatives in the sports website industry.


Tickets have written numbers on them. There are fifteen random numbers printed on each ticket. There are three rows on each ticket.

It has nine columns, and when they are all added together, they equal exactly twenty-seven boxes.

Numbers in the first column range from 1 to 9, while those in the second column range from 10 to 19. The third column has values in the range of 20 to 29.

The fourth column has digits 30 through 39. The fifth contains digits 40 to 49. The sixth contains digits 50 to 59. The numbers in the seventh column range from 60 to 69.

The numbers in the eighth column range from 70 to 79. The ninth column, which is the last row, includes the majority of the numbers.

between 80 and 90. As a result, there are twenty-seven boxes on each information ticket.

The first move in the game is to randomly place fifteen numbers on the playing field. The tickets are then shuffled after being written with numbers.

There are rows with one number, rows with two numbers, and rows with three numbers. Place the numbers consecutively or in a row with a gap between them.

  • Line one
  • Line TWO
  • Middle line
  • Line three
  • Pyramid
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Corner


Breakfast requires all numbers in the first, second, and third columns to cross, which is all digits between 1 and 29. Lunch indicates that all the numbers in the fourth, fifth, and sixth columns must be eliminated, as well as all the digits between 30 and 59.

Dinner requires that every number between 60 and 90 in the seventh, eighth, and ninth columns must also cross those values.

In contrast, pyramids require that the first, third, and fifth numbers of the third row all contain the digits that have already been declared, as well as the second and fourth digits of the second row.

Additionally, the circle indicates that following the change, the third digits of the first and third rows, as well as the second and third numbers of the second row, should be eliminated.

Additionally, if there is a complete house, all fifteen numbers on the ticket must be eliminated.

Rules Of

A person makes a random selection of the number from a bowl that is between 1 and 90 in the info game.

The players choose the ticket system they want to use and have their tickets ready for the game.

It might be the previously noted Full house, corners, breakfast, lunch, and all that, at five in the morning.

Once the procedure is understood, the game begins when a number is announced, and each player then checks their own tickets for that number.

If they locate the number under these conditions, they mark the ticket by crossing or cutting the number.

Until someone finds all the announced numbers on the condition ticket, such as corners or circles, or one of the requirements listed above, the game will continue.

They declare it right away, and the first person to discover everything wins the game. You can also use a double ticket to play. People used plastic beans or a number of other objects as board.

A slightly altered version is well-known throughout the world. One of its creations is comparable to a prize split into five halves. “Ambo” is the first player to cover two consecutive numbers.

A “Terno” is a person who consistently covers three. Who performs “Quaderno,” four consecutive covers? He who covers Five is often referred to as a “Quinto.” The “TOMBOLASPORTS INFO,” who wins the most money in the game, is the first player to correctly match all fifteen digits on the ticket.

Basic Static Website About Tombolasports

The Tombolasports website is rather static and appears to make little use of either CSS or Javascript. Teams’ names and game times for various sporting events are instead shown.

Possible explanation: the site is making an API request to retrieve this information and presenting it in a human-readable format.

There’s additional coverage of women’s sports teams on the site. It’s not quite apparent what programming languages were used to create the site, though it is evident that HTML was the foundation.

Wide Variety of Information Tombolasports


The site displays sports teams’ names, match times, and statistics with relatively little Javascript or CSS. It could appear like the site is making API calls and returning data, but it’s not.

There are no advertisements on the site, but there is a lot of data about sports and lotteries. Lotteries and sports teams are discussed, making for an easily digestible topic on the site.

 Information About Women’s Soccer On Tombolasports

The layout and operation of the site are clean and straightforward. It lacks Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script, and advertising links.

There are no commercials or sponsored links to be found here. The names of the sports teams and the scheduled times of the games are presented in plain English.

To narrow your search, select the gender of the team you support if you’re interested in women’s soccer. Women’s sports teams are also included on the website for your viewing pleasure.

Small Amount of CSS and Javascript Tombolasports

Advertisers do not support this site in any way. There is no intention on the part of the site’s owners to make a profit.

This is a basic website, hence the CSS and Java script used are minimal. Team names are also featured on the site. Timing for any sport can be seen, including women’s soccer.

On the homepage, the sport’s actual name is prominently featured. The probabilities are broken down by sex for your perusal. It’s packed with useful data.

Website’s Designers Don’t Want to Make Money On tombolasports

Currently, there are no commercial sponsors for this site. No one involved with the site cares about generating a profit.

They only have links to sites that are about gambling or sports. Since the site’s creators aren’t interested in making a profit, no commercials can be found there.

Since this is the case, it is more challenging for the general public to learn about the odds of various games. However, they do update their customers on the odds. It is recommended to use a website to disseminate data.

Displays The Names of Sports Teams and Timings


There appears to be no Flash, Java script, or Cascading Style Sheets on the site, giving it a basic appearance.

Site content is limited to team names and game times. Because of an application programming interface (API) that makes a request to the server and receives a response, perhaps.

Although it features women’s teams and football, the site lacks dedicated female-oriented content. In no way is this a negative development. If you’re looking for details on tombola sports, you’ve found the right place.

Easy to Find Information On Tombolasports

It does not appear that any revenue is being generated from this website. No monetization strategies are in place.

The site lists the teams competing and when they play, but it does not contain any advertisements.

The API makes a request to the server and receives a reply. There’s a frequently asked questions section, too. Lots of great content and simple navigation make tombolasports a go-to resource.

Use Any Kind of Advertising’s layout is remarkably straightforward. The site uses almost no cascading style sheets or Java script, but it nonetheless serves its purpose. The single page features several sports teams and their upcoming games.

This indicates that it is not a responsive website. does not utilize any form of advertising and does not feature any advertisements. Sports and lottery-related sites are the only ones to be found there.

Top Tombolasports Quotes

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