A thesis statement is a short paragraph that summarizes your essay’s main idea. Usually, it appears at the end of your introduction. Depending on the essay type, your thesis statement varies.

However, the main argument should always be included in the thesis statement regardless of the type. The rest of your essay should build on this concept.

If you are confused about writing a thesis statement, follow the below four rules. By following these principles, you can write a compelling thesis statement that will grab the reader’s attention. Assignmentmavens reviews provides best essay writing service in USA.

Why Include a Thesis Statement in Your Essay?

  • To improve the organization and development of your statement;
  • To summarize your ideas in a sentence or two;
  • To give your readers a guide to your statement;

If you treat your thesis statement as a response to the essay that addresses your thesis, it will usually achieve these goals.

thesis statement

Thesis Writing Rules

Rule 1: Begin a Statement With A Question

At the beginning of the writing process, you should develop a preliminary thesis, often called a writing thesis. A short thesis statement will outline the structure and direction of your essay.

If not, try to consider your question. Your assignment may already include one. What do you want to learn or determine about your topic?

For example, you might ask:
“Is it true that the internet has a good or bad effect on the education system?”

Rule 2: Give a Clear Answer

After profound research, provide a clear answer to the question. It can be straightforward and should guide the writing and research process.

For example, the effects of the internet on the education system have been more favorable than harmful.

Rule 3: Write Convincing Answer

Consider the validity of your answers and how you can convince the reader to agree with your thesis statements. When you continue to read and write about your topic, you will be able to provide a more accurate answer regarding your essay topic.

In the above examples, the thesis statement regarding the education system and the internet describes your point of view and briefly outlines the main reasons you will use to back it up. You can write a thesis statement as;

  • Argumentative

“Due to the ease of access provided by the internet, its many positive effects on education systems outweigh any drawbacks.”

The thesis statement describes the crucial historical development to discuss in your essay about braille development.

  • Expository

“The braille development in the 19th century dramatically changed the lives of the blind, enabling them to play a more active role in society.”

In this thesis statement, the writer explains the impact of braille development and will elaborate on it further in the main body.

Rule 4: Enhance Your Thesis Statement

Readers should learn the following from a thesis statement:

  • How will your article benefit them?
  • The main ideas of your story or argument

The final thesis statement highlights your point of view and outlines your entire argument or problem. It can be significant to consider the larger context of your topic to reinforce a weak thesis statement.
For example,

  • A Strong Thesis Statement for Using the Internet

The benefits of using the internet for the education system far outweigh its drawbacks, including greater access to information, access to other stances, and an adjustable educational environment for teachers and students.

  • A Strong Thesis Statement for the Braille Development

The braille development significantly improved the quality of life for the blind in the 19th century. However, its adoption by sighted teachers was critical to its success.

Discussions about the social status of disabled people influenced this process. These concrete examples show your willingness to delve deeper into your topic.

Objectives of Thesis Statements

The objectives of your thesis should reflect in your thesis statement. These objectives vary depending on the essay you are writing:

  • Your thesis statement should take a stand in an argumentative essay. Using reasoning and supporting facts, you must persuade the reader of this stance throughout the essay.
  • The purpose of an expository essay is to clarify the details of a topic or technique. In this case, the main point you want to make and the elements you will present should be clear in your thesis statement.

A thesis statement requires a little more thought than many other essay components. However, it pays to spend a little more time developing this sentence because the thesis statement can summarize the entire argument in just a few lines.

It can help you focus your research and thesis so that your essay is concise, clear, and thought-provoking.

Without a well-thought-out thesis statement, your argument will be weak. It’s generally a good idea to follow these four guidelines when writing a solid piece. For more info visit: https://writingservicereviews.com/

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