Swollen gums and other gum diseases are common problems. When this happens, the infection spreads to the tissues supporting your teeth.

Red and swollen gums may be the simplest symptom, but bone loss may happen as it worsens. This ultimately results in tooth loss. Gum and other systemic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, are also closely related.

We see essential oils being used in dental treatment as they become more and more popular. Recent studies have highlighted the potential benefits of using essential oils in dental offices, such as anti-microbial mouth rinses, wound healing, and anxiety reduction.

You might have heard of oils like peppermint essential oil or mustard essential oil. If you do decide to use essential oils, keep in mind that you must first dilute them by mixing them with a carrier oil before applying them. The essential oils listed here will greatly help your swollen gums.




Bring on the calming sensation. A herbaceous oil known for its energizing and reviving scent is peppermint.

Numerous dental products currently include peppermint essential oil as a flavoring agent. A recent study suggests that it might provide additional advantages in dentistry.

The menthol in peppermint works as a natural painkiller by cooling the affected area and reducing localized pain. Additionally, studies have shown that other peppermint ingredients can fight off some harmful oral germs.

Apply the essential oil by mixing a few drops of peppermint oil with coconut oil and massaging it on your gums, or use a diffuser.


For hundreds of years, clove essential oil has been applied in dentistry. It contains eugenol, an organic substance. Eugenol can reduce pain and toothache because it functions as a local anesthetic.

According to an additional study, it is also beneficial for lowering edema and infection and accelerating the healing of minor wounds.

One of the greatest essential oils for teeth and gums is clove oil. You can buy clove oil with other oils like civet oil online but make sure it is from a trusted source.


Traditional medicine frequently employs myrrh essential oil. You will frequently see it in use to cure pain, inflammation, and other mild illnesses.

Studies show that myrrh has antibacterial activity against certain microorganisms that grow in saliva and gingival fissures, which is beneficial for dental health.


The thyme plant is used to make thyme essential oil. Thyme oil has numerous other advantages, including preserving general dental health. Thymol is the most powerful and active ingredient in the oil.

This substance can eliminate periodontal disease-causing bacteria. Thyme essential oil also reduces the chances of cavities and other dental problems.


Eucalyptus essential oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and analgesic qualities, supporting its use in a dental environment.

Eucalyptus can successfully target the bacteria that cause periodontal disease, according to additional studies on the use of essential oils for gum disease.


Essential oils are used in various health and well-being aspects as more information about them becomes available.

Clove oil has long been used in dentistry. Still, more essential oils with antibacterial qualities are now becoming available, suggesting that more oils will likely play a part in dental procedures.

We strongly advise visiting a dental expert before incorporating oils into your at-home oral hygiene regimen. Using oils is not meant to replace good oral hygiene or dental treatment.

However, we hope that our list of the top essential oils for all periodontal diseases have given you a nice place to start if you’re looking to use some natural items in your dental care.

Topical application of essential oil without dilution can be harmful as they are concentrated; essential oils can only be applied topically after being extensively diluted with a carrier oil or other appropriate media. Also, make sure you use pure essential oils from a trusted source.

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