A skylight can work wonders in virtually every room in a property. Light, ventilation, pleasant views and privacy are many of the benefits of this type of sales.

We tell you what they are, what types exist and their main benefits so that you take them into account when buying an apartment .

A skylight is a window that is situated in the ceiling and provides light or ventilation to a room. Below, we present its main benefits.

Benefits of skylights


Windows and skylights provide a number of advantages to apartment owners. They can increase the overall value of your property and can solve certain problems in stuffy, cold and dark rooms.

1. They add natural light to spaces

The biggest benefit of skylights is that they let natural light into the space where they are located. Natural light is known to improve mood and even help with performance in workplaces.

Likewise, it works as a form of heating and heats your apartment during the cold months that are so usual in Lima.

2. Let fresh air in and better ventilation

Skylights in Shefheld can be opened to let in fresh air. This helps with cross ventilation in congested rooms, refreshes and cools living spaces without the need for air conditioning .

3. Health benefits

Natural light is a great way to improve your mood . This is a valuable health benefit in a home that can be dingy. Similarly, skylights also help people increase vitamin B and D levels.

On the other hand, installing a skylight is a way to combat humidity in your apartment , as it will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

4. Savings in energy costs

As we mentioned earlier, sunlight can heat spaces and cross ventilation can cool them. With this you can reduce the amount of your electricity or heating bills.

5. They increase the value of your property

Designs like skylights can add value to your property, increasing resale value and giving certain rooms an attractive, natural light atmosphere.

6. Natural views

Similar to adding mirrors to the walls, skylights are a way to make a room feel more spacious . Also, you can get a view of the night sky or nature during the day.

7. They maintain privacy

Windows are a great addition to any home. However, in some cases, they compromise the privacy of your department. Skylights are an exception.

You can have natural light and maintain your privacy, even in the most intimate spaces of your home.

Types of skylights

1. Fixed skylights

These are the most common types of skylights , they are similar to windows but do not open. They provide light and a beautiful view of the sky or other scenery. They are usually installed on a high ceiling, out of reach. Also, since they do not open, they do not allow you to control the humidity of a room.

2. Vented skylights

Vented skylights visually resemble fixed skylights, but can be opened (manually or electronically). Therefore, they are a good option when there are problems with condensation or excess humidity.

For example, they can provide humidity control in certain rooms. Also, they can function as emergency exits if they are easily accessible and comply with building codes. The downside is that these types of skylights are usually more expensive than fixed skylights.

3. Tubular skylights

Tubular skylights , also known as solar skylights , are not the traditional window-like skylights. They are long tubes that trap and reflect light inside the house.

Therefore, they are ideal for small spaces, such as bathrooms, hallways, and closets. They are also easier to install, especially when attics or roofs have many cables or vents that obscure them, as they can be placed between such obstructions.

Solar skylights have dimmers for light intensity. They may have exhaust fans to help control humidity and they may have a filter to stop ultraviolet rays.

This type of skylight is a good option where privacy is a priority, but they do not provide a view to the outside, such as window-style skylights.

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