Shutterfly Share Sites

: is an app that makes it easy for you to share photos with your family and friends. You can print them out to display in your home . This app for sharing photos is a fun way to express yourself even further with your photos.

What Is

Shutterfly Share Sites

Photo-sharing websites like are cost-free, entertaining, and simple to create. They are a fantastic way for close friends, family members, sports teams, classes, or groups to secretly share images.

User Experience

Shutterfly Share Sites

are photo-sharing websites that allow you to share your images discreetly with anybody you wish. The websites are free and simple to use. You can now get this information even on the go thanks to this app.

You must input your credentials as soon as you activate the app in order for it to sync your data.

You are now prepared to begin managing and sharing images. The app and website remain in sync as you work on updates.

Key Features

Shutterfly Share Sites Key Features

  1. Photos: View, like, and comment on other people’s photos.Receive push notifications when new albums and photos are added. Order personalised gifts and prints from Shutterfly.
  2. Calendar: Manage the calendar for your website.View the date, time, and location of each event. Sync events to your iOS calendar.
  3. News: View the most recent activity on your website.
  4. Members: Go to your share site’s member list and add new people.
  5. Roster-Class List: View a list of players/students as well as their parents’ contact information.
  6. Snack Schedule: Check out the snack schedule and sign up to bring food or beverages.
  7. Sign-up Sheets: Volunteer activities and tasks (such as driving duties, booth shifts, or bringing items or food) can be signed up for on these sheets.
  8. Availability: Check/update the number of players/attendees for your events.
  9. Email: Send emails to the members of your shared site.
  10. Message Board: Communicate with your group and participate in discussions.Push notifications update members when there are new messages and replies.
  11. Videos: Watch videos that have been posted on your website.
  12. SMS text message to members: Send SMS text message to members.

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments

2.9k users have rated the app’s most recent version, and they gave it an average rating of 3.5 stars. Customers’ opinions of the app appear to be conflicting. They like the things it can do, but they also know that there are some holes and problems that keep coming up.

The app’s picture upload process is laborious. To choose, you must tap each image separately. The option to pick a range would be good. Even the website-setup album order is not used by the app. My albums are in a logical order because I spent the time to organize them, but the app makes it difficult to access them because they are randomly sorted or just based on “recently updated.” The software allows you to create albums, however you cannot give a thumbnail image or categorize your photos.

Personal Comments Reviewer

I’ve used this software for years, and while there have been many improvements, there are still many shortcomings.

The calendar this year abruptly stopped displaying the right dates, which is something I’ve never experienced. For the final two weeks of the softball season, everything was broken, so I had no choice but to send individual texts for everything. Formatting the messages is impossible.

It is pointless since it converts the initial format into a nonstop string of sentences. Regarding the calendar issue, I contacted you, but I have not received a response.

It’s a great concept, but there are still a ton of problems that make utilizing it for a schedule- and change-based activity more difficult.

It works well for personal websites and other situations where communication does not need to happen quickly or regularly.

Pros And Cons Of Shutterfly Share Sites


You can use it to view and access the data from your Shutterfly Share Sites on a mobile device. When you’re on the go, view your calendar. Get notifications for newly posted images and calendar changes.


feels incomplete in certain aspects, such as the tools you have access to and what you can utilize while you’re on the road.

Shutterfly Share Sites Alternatives

Bellow are the apps that we discovered to be the most comparable to shutterfly share site. Take advantage of these Shutterfly Share Sites alternatives for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Screen Mirroring Smart Tv Cast

Screen Mirroring Smart Tv Cast

Mirror the display of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch on your smart TV. Any type of media, including web video, local video, music, and images, can be streamed to your Smart TV.

You can effortlessly use all the mirroring and streaming options with Pro Screen Mirror. It is simple to operate and entirely wireless.

Stream web video to your TV;  Mirror the display of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your TV (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Local video, music, or both can be streamed to your TV.


Access to your digital content from any locationAny nearby connected devices are automatically discovered by iMediaShare. Your videos will immediately stream on the big screen after you select the one you want to use. You may use straightforward touchscreen motions with iMediaShare to adjust the volume, play a video, or move to another one.

You don’t need to pass around a single phone anymore to view videos with pals while hanging out. Instead, stream those videos to any TV with an internet connection so that everyone can see them!


In a few minutes, you will tell an amazing tale. With the GoPro app, you can instantly start creating after uploading your most recent HERO and 360 footage.

Control your GoPro from a distance to capture images in difficult-to-reach locations, and see your photos immediately on your phone.

Get game-changing effects with pro-level editing and the GoPro look. Utilize Reframe to convert your 360-degree video into stunning standard images or videos. Share the magic after that.

Live Share

Live Share

You may now send your live images by email thanks to Live Share. When you share a live photo with Live Share, unlike with the Mail app, your recipient also gets the live photo’s video! Just select a live shot from your camera roll and email it to someone.

The Live Photos you receive by email can be opened using the app, viewed, and saved to your camera roll. If there are any problems, queries, or recommendations relating to

SharePort Mobile

SharePort Mobile

On any USB drive, SharePort Mobile enables instant access and playback of material on your iOS device! You can access your files from any device connected to your network by simply plugging your USB storage drive into any D-Link router that supports SharePort Mobile.

Send your friends your photographs and movies without cropping or emailing. You can now designate a shared storage area for your house or place of business. With an aud, you can even transfer files.

mydlink SharePort

mydlink SharePort

On your iOS smartphone, mydlink SharePort enables you to view and play media that is stored on a USB drive (or SD card for specific models only).

From any device connected to the network, through the Internet using your mydlink account, or just by plugging your storage into any D-Link router that supports mydlink SharePort.

Without resizing them or having to deal with bulky email attachments, share pictures and videos with your friends.

Timestamp It – Photo Stamper

Timestamp It - Photo Stamper

Ever wished you knew the exact moment you took a picture? How wonderful would it be if you could caption your images and add a timestamp, date stamp, and/or both for no charge? timestamped It is this.

This software is ideal for anyone wishing to add a stamp to their images, including foodies, photojournalists, real estate agents, police officers, firefighters, and others! Start stamping! Timestamp Utilization is simple: -take a picture or choose one or more from the ones you have.

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