Mamalona has become a common slang name for a parent’s pickup truck despite the fact that its precise meaning is unclear.

Consequently, films using this slang phrase typically feature larger trucks, such as Ford F-150s, Nissan Titans, and Toyota Tundras, rather than more prevalent midsize trucks, such as Toyota Tacomas. What kinds of vehicles do mamalonas drive, and how much does it cost to fill one up?

In Slang


The slang term “mamalona” can mean a variety of things. Primarily in Northern mexico and the rest of northeastern Mexico, it serves a positive purpose.

It also has various related forms, such as “playing a joke” (Mamar Gallo), “not understanding” (Mamarse), and “not comprehending well” (Mande).

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Mamalona” is what Mexican-American sons nickname their father’s truck.

Among Mexican boys, the term “mamalona” is commonly used to refer to their parents’ pickup vehicle.

Standard American pickups are usually Chevrolet Silverados, GMC Sierras, or Ram pickups. These terms have no formal standing.

Meaning of The Word Mamalona in Colombian Expression


Where did the term “mamalona” come from, and what does it signify in Colombian slang? In Spanish, “mamalona” refers to someone who is sluggish. This idiom is popular in the state of Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico.

Mamar Gallo means “a joke” in the Gallo language, and Mande means “without fully understanding” in the Mande language, therefore together they form this word.

As a masculine variant of the feminine ma, the Spanish word for money is mammon, which also appears in the King James Version. Although the term gain is used in most current Bibles, this word is also utilized in Colombian idioms.

The Talmud and the Dead Sea Scrolls both include it. In this context, mammon can also refer to a female tlacuache, which transports her developing young on her back.

Any newborn female can be referred to as a pelota by her mother. Similar to the meaning of “coy” (in Colombian).

A higado is an uncooperative or sluggish individual in Spanish. Mamalona is slang for “slutty.” According to a popular Colombian idiom, this is meant as an insult. Tlacuache, which translates to “possum,” and mamalona, which means “difficult to get along with,” are both Spanish words. It can also be translated as “irritating.”

The slang term “mezcal” refers both to the alcoholic beverage and to food. It is traditionally served in a salt-rimmed glass with lime juice and is distilled from the agave plant. Comparisons to the Spanish idiom “better the devil you know” are inevitable.

Another is “parent’s pickup truck,” or takuach. Mamalona isn’t the same thing as a mid-sized truck, although it might be a Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, or Toyota Tundra. There can be no mamalona without a takuach father or mother.

Mamalona Trucks That Will Top $100 in Fuel Costs in 2023

Mamalona Trucks That Will Top $100 in Fuel Costs in 2022

According to tweets from 2021, a ’s gasoline expenditures have exceeded $80, and it often approaches the $100 mark. Most popular pickup trucks in 2020 have been labeled “thirstiest full-size half-ton pickups.”

Cost of Filling Up a Mamalona

Consumers have taken to the internet to express their frustration with the recent rise in petrol prices. This new Internet meme advises motorists to never operate a mamalona.

You can reduce your vehicle’s weight and the force of the wind acting on it by maintaining a constant speed and not braking hard.

However, reducing one’s driving distance is the most efficient means of reducing gas use. The momalona caption was probably added to the photo later.

For example, the “mamalona” in the Urban Dictionary is the family pickup truck. Mamalonas can be found on large pickups such as the Tundra and Tundra Platinum, but not in smaller trucks such as the Tacoma.

These trucks may look and sound different, but they all have a few things in common. They are always clean and proudly display either the Mexican flag or the insignia of the team they support.

Painted in PPG Corvette Torch Red

Dee is a professional driver who uses the urban dictionary-created term “mamalona” to describe his car.

PPG Corvette Torch Red is a classic color for the Vette, so he decided to paint his truck that color. In order to upgrade his truck’s performance, Dee had Luis Castro replace its engine.

LS2 from A 2005 Denali

Your aging 5.3L V8 engine can benefit greatly from an LS2 conversion. Improving your truck’s performance in this method is ideal if you want to retain using the factory instrumentation.

Additionally, the check engine light, torque control, and hill descent control will all continue to function normally after the change.

The LS2’s functionality is best preserved when it is kept out of direct sunlight and away from corrosive substances.

The LS2 is a GM-developed small-block cylinder engine. It has a bore of 4 inches and a stroke of 3.62 inches. It shares the same design principles as the LS1, but its crankshaft is made of steel instead of aluminum.

Powder metal connecting rods measuring 6.098 inches in length and hypereutectic cast aluminum-alloy pistons make up the cylinder block assembly.

Beehive valve springs and roller-pivot rocker arms may be found on the LS2. These rockers have arms that are 1.7 times as long as they are wide. Along with an in-line fuel filter, it employs the more commonplace in-tank fuel pump.

A more effective ignition system and a revised coil pack make the LS2 engine more efficient than its predecessors, the LS3 and LS4 variants.

The LS2’s improved efficiency is due in part to the engine’s less aggressive cam profile. It’s also more portable, as LS2 exhaust manifolds are 30% lighter than Gen III units.

But What Exactly Is a Mamalona When Referring To Trucks?

According to Cultura Colectiva: Mexicans and Mexican-Americans living in the South of the United States refer to big, opulent trucks as mamelons.

The word “La Mamalona,” according to Urban Dictionary, is what takuaches used to refer to their parents’ truck.

And while discussing mamalonas, it becomes evident what kind of truck is being referred to after watching enough videos on social media and YouTube.

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