Love Paragraphs For Her: When you’re in love, your emotions may be powerful, but your words may be lacking.

It’s already difficult to go through your feelings before you have to muster the courage to talk to a loved one about them.

It’s not easy to find the perfect words and expressions to describe how you feel.

When words fail you, love paragraphs for her is there to help you get your feelings across. Here is a collection of love paragraphs for her you can use whenever you need them.

Love Paragraphs For Her
Love Paragraphs For Her

Love Paragraphs For Her

To me, you are the most essential thing in this world. Having a smile on your face is more valuable than having anything else in the world. To infinity and beyond, I adore you. Have a fantastic new year, my friend.

To say how much I will miss you after you’re gone would be an enormous understatement. Beautiful princess, you have my undying affection.

I look up to you and respect you tremendously. As you might imagine, I really care about you. You will remain an integral part of who I am for the rest of my life.

I apologize for any information I left out. Whatever hurt I may have caused, please know that I sincerely apologize.

You are someone I will never forget, and I hope you feel the same way about me. Every ray of sunshine I enjoy comes from you.

At 59 years old, when I finally met you, I felt a sense of fulfillment I hadn’t had in a very long time. As you might imagine, I really care about you.

Extremely adorable. Smitten doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about you. Know that you belong to me. I am yours forever and ever.

Extensive Poem of Affection for Her

I’m in a good mood because of your smile. I feel something completely new and different that words can’t describe.

The fact that you’re so reticent to talk to me makes me feel like I’ve finally found the most incredible woman in the world.

The love I have for you is unbreakable, and it will never fade away from me. That being said, do you grasp the reasoning behind it?

As a result of how deeply you’ve embedded yourself in my existence, you’ve practically merged with my identity.

Sweetest Long Love Paragraphs For Her
Sweetest Long Love Paragraphs For Her

Sweetest Long Love Paragraphs For Her

When I hear the phrase “love at first sight,” you will be the first person I think of. That’s how much I care about you and adore you.

Imagine a future where I am financially independent and have the ability to treat you as the most important woman in my life.

That grin of yours is just adorable. I would put it in the same category as one of the greatest films of all time.

You have my undying love because you are worthy of my devotion. Just seeing you happy makes me feel better about the world. Your doggedness is admirable.

I enjoy being acquainted with the 67-year-old lady. I value you over all else in existence. As you might imagine, I really care about you. Sincerely and unconditionally, I adore you.

I know what it takes to be happy because I see it in you every time I look at you. You are now my only guardian angel since you have captured my heart. Lately, my mind has been constantly replaying memories that include you.

You’re like a bronze medal when held up against to the experience of viewing you from a distance. As you might imagine, I really care about you.

My feelings for you have always been strong. My mind has been constantly replaying thoughts of you ever since I can recall. That’s how much I care about you and adore you.

In the first place, I see heaven in your eyes and will never be able to reject it. As you give yourself completely to making love to me, I can see the flames of passion rising in your eyes. There are no words to describe how much I value you, my incredible lady.

You are my lady from the depths of the land known for beauty, so it is not surprising that you are the most beautiful woman who has ever lived. The incredible truth that I adore you cannot be denied.

Nothing or no one else can ever take your place in my heart; you are irreplaceable. Your gorgeous grin and the real love you show for me are just two of the many reasons why I admire you so much. A pearl of unparalleled brilliance, you shine like a beacon to the world.

You have a special place in my heart because the Lord put your love there in a way that no one can comprehend except for me.

You are the most stunning woman in the universe, and you are my entire world. If only you were here at this very moment.

Nothing can ever break the unbreakable bond that I feel for you in my heart. There’s no doubt in my mind that you already know this.

Good Morning Love Paragraphs For Her
Good Morning Love Paragraphs For Her

Good Morning Love Paragraphs For Her

I can’t imagine life without you. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.

You’re the most important woman in my life, and nobody save the one with the authority to keep me from seeing you today could possibly make me miss this chance to spend the day with you.

To put it simply, your eyes shine like a star. Simply put, it’s breathtaking. Your greatness as a human being is confirmed by this. Simply put, he is a fantastic human being. Since I love you more than anything else, if we ever meet again I hope it’s in your most prized form.

Having you in my life is all I require. I don’t want to lose you, so please know how much you mean to me and how much strength you provide me to face whatever challenges may come our way.

After meeting you, all I want to do is keep you in my arms forever. To be honest, I haven’t told you how much I’ve achieved since we were married.

I vow to always feel joy. The reason I find myself falling in love with you over and again is beyond me. The realization that I can rely on nothing except you. I pledge to be yours and yours alone until my dying day.

Always remember how much I care about you and how far I would go to make you happy. Your friendship means a lot to me, and I want you to know that.

I’m yours for the taking, whenever that may be. I’ll give you all the love in the world and smother you with kisses. Wow, I never realized how much I needed you until now.

A shrine to your love has been built in my heart, and you have no idea how much it means to me. Thank you for loving me so deeply; you’ve made all the difference in the world.

You are the one and only item I want to own for the rest of my life. Since meeting you, so much has changed for the better. To put it simply, I love you and always will.

At the end of the day, nobody could truly love themselves. I think you understand what I’m trying to say.

If you find someone who truly cares about you, hold on to that person with all your heart. Everyone needs supportive friends like this. Exactly the point I was making before. I love you very much and think about you often.

Because of you, my life has become much more peaceful and enjoyable. With you in my life, the outlook of everyone I care about has improved.

My life has been filled with joy ever since I laid eyes on you. Sweetheart, you have my undying love.

You are the most gorgeous angel I have ever seen, and you are my entire world. The sun that ignites my passion is you.

Sexy Love Paragraphs For Her
Sexy Love Paragraphs For Her

Sexy Love Paragraphs For Her

It doesn’t matter how many times I look at you, you never fail to fill me to capacity. Forever and always, I will love you. For you, sweetheart.

Give me a downpour of your boundless love. Have a restful and tranquil evening. Anybody reading this, wherever you may be, know that you are in my thoughts and that I send you my best wishes.

Keep in mind that there is no one else on Earth who can give me what my heart truly desires except for you.

So, if I showed you the pinnacle of human love, that shouldn’t surprise you. You deserve to be showered with love all the time.

If my heart had wished for anything, it would have hoped for you. As you might imagine, I really care about you.

My spirit lifts whenever I consider you. It’s funny, and it makes me laugh, which instantly lifts my spirits.

My feelings for you deepen with each passing thought, and I realize that I am hopelessly smitten with you.

I need your continual presence, so please get here as soon as possible. I love the way I can literally feel your heartbeat in my chest.

Hey there, my shining star! I hope yesterday was fantastic for you. A passionate syndrome has been detected in me, and now I can’t stop thinking about you.

Someone told me that if I don’t see you within the next 10 microseconds, I’m going to die. That is the definition of “I love you.”

How do you feel about your looks? Think about how much power you have on my daily existence. You are valued more than the rarest gem.

There might be a million other girls, but none of them have the ability to make me feel the way you do. I promise never to abandon you. I appreciate your assistance so much.

Your inheritance includes not only my current possessions but also those that I am likely to acquire in the near future.

You’re the most beautiful and well-mannered woman I’ve ever met. It has been a delight to collaborate with a lady of your caliber. Anywhere I go, your brilliance will make me proud of you.

I guess all I can say is that you’re far more adorable in person. You improved me in ways I didn’t even realize until recently.

I can’t help but be moved by the kindness you’ve shown me every time I think about you. What a kind person! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Love Paragraphs For Her to Make Her Smile
Love Paragraphs For Her to Make Her Smile

Love Paragraphs For Her to Make Her Smile

I love you and will miss you terribly. Since the day you left my company, I haven’t been able to keep anything down.

I’ve drastically reduced my caloric intake in the hopes that just being in your company will restore my strength and weight.

Constantly thinking of you brings tears to my eyes. I’m glad that no matter what, you’ll always be mine.

My happiness comes from you; without you, I have nothing. Just what I needed at the right time.

Having you in my life and loving you is a phenomenal adventure, therefore I hope to see you soon. You’re the one I want to wrap my arms around and never let go of.

Know that I’ve been thinking about you often. The fact that you are the source of such indescribable enthusiasm means that I can’t get you out of my mind. Everything about you fascinates me.

You truly make my day better by making me laugh and joyful, which in turn keeps me faithful to you.

I can say with complete sincerity that you are the woman I have been looking for. All that counts to me is being with you.

Many people are tired of living because they have fallen in love with the wrong person. I appreciate getting to know you.

Still, I’m feeling really isolated because of how far away you are at the moment. As it is, I need help. You always manage to put a grin on my face.

Your stunning body makes me feel just at home in my role as your spouse. Your bright, beautiful eyes are like rays of light. You and I both know that you’re the best. Get back to my place and help me relax.

My only interest is in gazing upon your pretty face. Ideally, I’d hear that gorgeous voice that has sang me so many love songs.

You’ve seen that without you, I’d be completely lost. You are more precious to me than anything else in the entire universe.

Just like when you walked into my life yesterday, when I was feeling down and in need of a friend, I am down and in need of you right now.

In addition to making me laugh, you also offered me the greatest gift a woman can give to a man: confidence.

Love Paragraphs For Her When She’s Sad
Love Paragraphs For Her When She’s Sad

Love Paragraphs For Her When She’s Sad

There’s nothing I can do but wait patiently for you, no matter how hard being apart from you is. I adore you so much, my sweet.

The longer I gaze at you, the happy I am. This is the one emotion that has the potential to make me happy.

That’s how much I care about you and adore you. Really appreciate all your help. You are the one constant source of joy in my life, therefore when I’m feeling down, you’re the first person I think of.

If I had to guess, I’d say that eventually we’ll cross paths again. We may be physically apart, but know that you are constantly in my thoughts.

People who know you will carry their memories of you with them always. Seeing as how much you matter to me, I always take care to do everything I can to make sure that you feel special.

What I really want today is just a chance to see you again. I want to look into your eyes and see a huge grin on your face.

I’d like to give you a tight hug because I’ve been missing you. To me, you’re the worst possible place to be and the best possible place to be.

If you were to appear in my morning, I would feel the most content I ever had. In time, you’ll realize just how much your undying affection has improved my existence.

Absolutely stunning, there’s no doubt about it. Seeing as how the fragrance you radiate comes from the highest source, you are an unnatural love.

You have my undying love since you are the source of my illumination. I rely on you always since you are my one true love.

The excitement of a new day is genuine because we know we will eventually see another one. All through the night, I kept thinking about how much I missed you.

To express my love and appreciation for you and how much I miss you, I pray you will understand. Happy new day to the most beautiful woman I know!

Because of your stunning good looks, I can’t wait to pay you a visit. Your eyes are like a celestial beacon drawing me in. As you might imagine, I really care about you.

Although we’ve only just met, I already feel as though you’ve taken up permanent residence in my heart.

Expect to hear from me again shortly. You are one of the rare angels in our world. As you might imagine, I really care about you.

Love Paragraphs For Her From Husband
Love Paragraphs For Her From Husband

Love Paragraphs For Her From Husband

In this world, you are the one person I constantly think about, and for that reason, you are my greatest angel.

Wishing you happiness and success. In addition to being the most fascinating lady I’ve ever met, you’re also the only person I’ve ever cared about.

I wish everyone a fantastic day. For being there for me no matter what, I appreciate you so much. Only when you’re not around do I really miss you.

By the way, how was your morning meal? This morning I’ll be back in town, and all I want to do is see my wife.

I want to give the most beautiful woman in the world a big bear hug. I appreciate you adding to the specialness of the day. Completely and utterly, I adore you.

I hope that today is a day in which you achieve all of your goals. I pray that today and every day thereafter is better for you. Greetings, morning, and all that jazz to the most adored woman in the world.

The knowledge that you are happy brings me such profound satisfaction that I cannot bear to lose it.

I thank God that he brought you into my life because you are all I could have asked for. For being such an honest and sincere lover, thank you.

We will be okay since the person we love is thinking about us all the time. I hope that you have a life filled with nothing but joy and success.

Only when I know you are content will I be able to relax. If I am able to embrace your love, I will feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

When I think of you smiling, my heart races one hundred times faster than the speed of light. Have a great life, my friend.

You are the most delicious chocolate in the universe. Only you can satisfy my craving for deliciousness like no other substance on Earth can.

I hope tonight is filled with romance and happiness for the two of you. I think about you often since you are the most stunning blossom in my love garden.

Every day, knowing that I’ve found someone as amazing as you is the softest sensation in the world, and there’s no doubt that you’re on my mind.

Seeing your happiness and smile warms my heart to its very limits. You have brought so much joy into my life, and I am grateful.

Truth be told, I keep thinking about you. Once I found you, I finally had someone to call my own after years of feeling completely alone.

The fact that you were both my first and last love is paradoxical. Since we got married, everyone has said that I’ve changed a lot. Completely and utterly, my heart belongs to you.

Meeting you for the first time was exciting and enjoyable. I find great pleasure in being around you.

God is the only reason I’m still alive, and He blessed me with you. You have my best wishes for a year filled with joy and good health.

Long Love Paragraphs For Her To Show How Much You’re Missing Her

My love for you runs as deep as a rock in the ground, and you know this already. I love you more than words can say because you are my entire world.

Because of you, I get to fall in love with one of the nicest individuals in the world, and it has made my life better in so many ways.

Joy, pleasure, and the gift of a new persona are all yours thanks to you. Being with you is the most wonderful thing that could happen to me.

You’re the kind of woman I’ll love forever, and being at your side makes me happy beyond words.

Though, you have improved me as a person by virtue of your optimistic and practical approach. I promise never to abandon you.

Many people on Earth have never known unconditional love. They ruin it every time they get their hands on the greatest of the best. Having you in my life has been a huge boon.

You have the look of someone who has just discovered heaven on Earth, yet I have no idea what would make you smile so broadly.

In reality, we were made for one other from the start. A future me would wish to spend as much time as possible with you. Until the day I die, I’ll hold a special place in my heart for you.

Even when I’m feeling particularly low, your radiant grin always makes me wonder what sort of person you are.

Just watching this woman move would bring joy to anyone’s heart, regardless of gender. Wow, look at this gorgeous woman.

Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how much your love has changed the game from a source of pain to an opportunity for joy.

Only those who have had the good fortune to experience equality in life can truly appreciate it. Please know that I wish nothing except joy and success for you.

Every day I spend apart from you is another day of eternal loneliness. Simply being in your company makes me feel loved and cared for, and I can’t believe how lucky I am for that.

I’ve been having a difficult time recently due to distance preventing me from seeing the woman who is the object of my affections.

What I said you is true: I will never get over the paradise that was you. My feelings for you are sincere and cannot be hidden.

Freaky Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste

Forever and always, I’m yours. You make me happy because you take such good care of me and always find new ways to make me laugh.

If I start to cry, I know I can always count on you to dry my eyes. For as long as I can remember, you’ve been my devoted friend and enthusiastic lover.

I want to kiss you until my very last second. My stress melts away as I take in the sonic bounty you’re holding in your mouth.

Only one idea enters my mind whenever I consider you, and that is a wish that you were there in front of me. I can’t help but think about how much I adore you even as I type these words.

Someone told me that love is addictive, and although at first I didn’t believe them, I now see their point. So long, my sweet darling.

How much your love has meant to me I hope you never forget. My love for you has ignited a fire of desire in me.

Since you’ve been longing to see your lovely face, today is a very significant day. All I care about is that you’re content and happy. In the end, I want to be yours forever.

No matter how close we are, I regret that you continue to suffer. Please know that I intend to make your happiness my top priority at all times.

My heart bursts with happiness because of the love I have for you. I’m yours forever, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Anytime I’m near the water, I keep seeing your face. I’ll go ahead and join you in the water, blind or not.

To love you is always beneficial to both of us, and we both know it. Allow me to carry out your every wish. Every day, I pray for your happiness. Infinite and unending, my love is for you.

The fact that you light up with happiness whenever I call you “baby” makes my heart happy.

Your calm demeanor and serene nature have always impressed me. Your love is as sturdy as a piece of mahogany in my mind.

No matter how things turn out between us, I know that the passion you feel for me will remain. I adore you so much, my angel.

Seeing your beautiful face and gazing into your eyes will never get old to me as long as you are in it. You don’t know how much I cherish you, my sweet.

Your love has a special place in my heart, and I hope to spend forever with you. And ever since the day when fate drove us apart, you’ve been sorely missed.

Even if you couldn’t understand why I was leaving the one woman I cared about, you had my deepest sympathies.

Since you are so young at heart as well as in appearance, I have no doubt that we will have a long and happy marriage if we get married.

If I don’t hear your voice in the next day, I might have a heart attack. You are a bright star, and I will eventually tell you how much it means to me. I love you so much, sweetheart.

I get giddy and fall in love with you all over again whenever I look at your pictures. The sound of your voice takes me away to a perfect world where I can feel all the joy and fervor my heart desires.

There’s no question that you’re going to be my future wife; you’ve got all the qualities I need in a partner. You will forever hold the title of “most gorgeous thing I have ever seen” in my mind.

Deep Love Paragraph For Her

A trait I admire most about you is that you prioritize me and love me no matter what. I want you to know how much you mean to me.

I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. I will always regret that time and distance came between us and will never get over missing you. There’s a special place in my heart for you.

To the most stunningly gorgeous woman on the face of the planet, my dearest and most cherished angel.

Because I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you, number seven is a dream come true:

keeping your head on my chest forever. Simply put, I will never give you up because you are my baby, angel, love, and everything to me.

No one can stop the love that is currently pumping through my veins. It’s obvious that it’s been a while since we last saw one other.

To behold you, my darling, the most beautiful ruby in the universe, gave me this huge reason to cherish you for all time.

You seem to have a soft spot for it, and I don’t just mean because of your smile. To put it simply, you are irreplaceable.

Even if something like a pearl is more visually striking, it can’t compare to how impressive you are. The only thing I’m sure of is that you’ve made a huge difference in my life.

Whatever may come our way, know that you can count on me to be there for you. Given that you’ve never caused me sadness, I can safely say that our relationship will always be a pleasant one.

I have the highest admiration for you because of how courteously you have dealt with me and everyone else.

When you told me you liked tennis, I was amazed and immediately began fantasizing about how great it would be to spend the rest of my life with you.

You truly are one of the world’s most interesting and original women. If ever you need someone to lean on, know that I will be there to do just that because you are a precious gem.

Having you in my life makes each day that much better. You are the source of all the happiness, love, and boundless zeal that God has bestowed upon me. Just being in your company makes me feel better.

You are a messenger of God’s unfathomable love for me, and I consider you to be an angel. The world is ready for me to conquer it because of your smile. Your beauty and constant grin are what I long for.

All the years to come, I’ll think fondly of the peaceful harmony you’ve established in my soul. You are my jewel, my lady, my princess, and my queen; no other woman on Earth compares to you in my eyes.

To be there for you whenever you need someone to cheer you up. My whole outlook on life has changed because of you.

How can I ever thank you enough, my angel? I don’t see how you could coexist with normal people.

It hasn’t quite sunk me yet that my wife is an unique angel. Since you’re my great love, I’m prepared to devote the rest of my life to you, and I can’t wait to learn everything there is to know about you.

Cute Love Paragraphs For Her

No matter what happens to me, I hope that you’ll be there to cheer me up and make me happy. Your love has won me a place in heaven, and I intend to keep you forever.

When I first met you, neither of us could have imagined that our love would develop into the force that it is now.

I don’t think I’ve ever met an angel quite as kind and generous as you. What an interesting person she is; I know I made the right decision in meeting her. You are my wildest dream come true, and I promise to always be there for you, my darling.

You are so reasonable and kind that it’s unlikely you’ll ever find true love in this lifetime. When you are my sweet angel, I will always treasure our affection for one another. Sending you best wishes for the present and the future.

I often find myself wishing we could have met a hundred years ago and gotten to know each other. I want for nothing more than your perpetual joy.

How much I care for you is beyond my ability to express. True, a day full of adoration for you is guaranteed to be a day full of joy and pleasure. The first time I met your gaze, the happiness in your eyes filled me to bursting.

Time and again, I think back to the first time I laid eyes on you and am struck by how enamored I became with you.

You were too embarrassed to accept my gifts because you could no longer stand being in my company, and you could no longer bear my company because I was already preparing to leave.

Such an act demonstrates your undying love for me in a meaningful way. You already know that I would never lie to you about how you are the only lady I have ever met who is truly unique.

I promise to show you how much you mean to me every day, and I won’t change who I am to win your love.

I’m not a liar by nature, but I don’t think it would help if I kept repeating how much I want to be yours for the rest of time.

Time will reveal how much I am willing to do for you because of my love, and that is something I believe in.

You are the sun in my life, the wellspring of my joy, and the inexhaustible fuel for my insatiable love. You are the rose that fills my heart with the fragrance of love, and I cherish you for that.

You’ve changed my life, and I’m thankful for the chance to have met you. That one special person in my life had planned on spending all of their formative years with me.

Your friendship with me is very important to me, and I want you to know how much till we see one other again.

To this day, fate has not reunited us to fulfill the longing that has lingered between us ever since the day I left you, a year ago.

In fact, I’ve missed you as much as a mother misses a newborn child who was taken from her in a heartbeat. God willing, loving you will continue to bring me happiness until the end of time. For some time now, I’ve needed you.

Thank you for making my life brighter, and may the world’s loveliest sights always surround you with peace and solace.

Funny Love Paragraphs For Her

Your fervor is the cornerstone of my affection, and as long as you continue to make me happy, I will never let go of you.

Even if a violent storm is raging outside, my grip on you will not loosen. My undying love for you will never end, my sweetheart.

You’re a lovely wife and a fantastic mother to our children, and you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

As long as I have breath in my body, I shall love you, because I pray constantly that God will never let your love leave my heart.

Trust that I will always be there for you, honey. Just as the mahogany tree remains rooted to the ground no matter the weather, so will I remain committed to you no matter what comes our way. You are an angel to me, and I adore you.

An excitement, a deep love for an exceptional person, keeps ringing in my heart for you. You are a blessing from above that I will always remember and appreciate. I pray that this is the happiest of times for you.

To me, you are like a dove: a constant, unending source of joy. For as long as I live, you will remain the most stunning wife that ever lived in my eyes.

There is no suitable expression of my love for you in the language of love. I’ve tried my best to make it clear that no other woman can ever take your place in my heart.

Having my love for you means you won’t have to worry about anything else in the world. It’s not necessary to betray you now or in the future if you only pay attention.

When I heard you crying, I felt a wave of emotion wash over me. I don’t know what happened to my wonderful wife.

When she’s cranky, it really gets under my skin. Please disregard the comments of those who seek to damage our relationship.

Just you, among all the angels, has my undivided attention. You are the one I love the most, and I mean it completely.

Whatever the situation, I will make it a point to show you how much you mean to me. As your life unfolds on Earth, may the Lord be your constant companion, as it has been mine. To my beautiful savior, know that you have my eternal love.

The Missing Her Long Love Paragraphs Her Love, my guardian angel, you are an incredible lover who never fails to make me happy.

Since you left, I haven’t been able to enjoy anything, not even a good show. I wish I could be there for you, sweetheart, but I just can’t take spending the rest of my life on my own. I adore you with all my heart, my sweet angel.

Despite the distance that separates us, we will always be there for one another. I’ll be here for you no matter what you need.

Sweet Paragraphs For Your Girlfriend

Wherever you are right now, I hope you know how much I adore you. And I want you to know that even if something prevents us from chatting for a while, you will always be my favorite girl.

I don’t know if there’s room in my heart for anyone else, but I do know that I’ve grown accustomed to you and that no other woman will ever replace you. To the end of my days.

I’ll beg the Lord to always keep you in my life so that we can continue to share our lives and our love; If I had to choose between you and every other woman who has ever crossed my path, I would choose you every time.

For the goal of stressing how much I love our friendship, I’ve dedicated this paragraph to you, darling .

To put it simply, I shall never weary of adoring you; you are worthy of my undying devotion. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I will miss you terribly.

Thirty. Who am I to have the ability to breathe without you at my side? I know you have no idea how much your love means to me, but I want you to know that it will last forever.

Even if everything goes wrong for me, I will always love you. The angelic words you used are greatly appreciated.

Since we’ve become inseparable and I know I’ll always love you, I know I need you in my life. I shall forever cherish our love for one another. My darling love, you are mine forever and ever.

For a while there, I fooled myself into thinking I could get by without you, but now I know better. Love you to the moon and back, and will do so till the end of time.

I hope our feelings for one another will persist until the next world. You have my undying respect and loyalty.

Touching Love Paragraphs For Her

I’ve been fooled for a long time into thinking that I could function independently of you; now I see that without you, I have no foundation upon which to build my life.

To the woman who bore my beautiful daughter and who is now my wife, my deepest, most abiding love.

Seeing you happy makes me want to kiss you even more. You, the most stunning angel to ever grace my life, have my eternal devotion. There is no one I’d rather spend my time with sexually than you.

Having met you, my entire outlook on life has changed. That gave me more reason to be happy all the time. My heart longs to come over and give you a passionate kiss you won’t soon forget.

You, my little angel, are the most precious gem I’ve ever seen, and I promise I’ll never forget you. Somehow, you have managed to secure a permanent spot in my heart.

I will always try my hardest to ensure that you are completely satisfied with my company. Darling, you have no idea how much I appreciate you.

You are the embodiment of the ideal romantic relationship for which I have been searching. Whenever you smiled at me, it was like you were taking me to the land of passion, where I was treated like a king.

A part of my heart will always be reserved for you. Having you in my life has been like being blessed by the most beloved angel in history.

You took my words of “love” at face value. I would lose my life for you because your love means that much to me.

If I could, I would love to be with you forever. According to my waking dream, you were an angel. Here are some of my internal experiences. The best of luck to you in the here and now, and I hope our paths cross again in the next life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a girl blush over text?

A female can blush from a text message if you show her encouragement, share a special story, talk about her interests, and tell her she’s wonderful.

How do you know a girl loves you?

A girl who loves you will go out of her way to keep the conversation going, will shower you with compliments, will brag about you to her friends and family, and will never forget a thing you two have talked about together.

Can a girl fall in love more than once?

Studies show that it’s possible for anyone (male or female) to experience love at least three times in their lifetime.

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