Lima beans are occasionally called butter beans because of their rich, buttery taste. They have a flat, greenish, or whitish, oval-shaped look and are without problems observed in almost any grocery shop.

While many of us may additionally have prevented eating Lima beans as children, they may be a clever meal to feature in your food at any age. Lima beans are wealthy in vitamins, budget-pleasant, and smooth to prepare.

Lima Bean Nutrition Facts

One cup of boiled and drained lima beans, without salt (170g), gives 209 energy, 11.6g of protein, 40.1g of carbohydrates, and 0.5g of fats. Lima beans are a top-notch supply of nutrition C, fiber, and iron. The following nutrient data is provided with the aid of the USDA.


Lima beans are certainly low in calories, but complete with useful complex carbohydrates. There are 3 kinds of carbohydrates in a serving of lima beans: starch, fiber, and sugar.
More than 1/2 of the carbohydrates in lima beans come from starch.

These carbohydrates provide the frame with brief energy. The next-largest part of carbs in lima beans is fiber. Fiber enables to stabilization of blood sugar, enhances satiety (feeling complete), and improves digestive health. Lima beans also incorporate a small amount of clearly going on sugar.

(Foods with a GI of 45 or underneath are considered low glycemic meals.)
The glycemic load of a hundred-gram serving of lima beans is set 7. Glycemic load considers the serving size of food whilst estimating the food’s impact on blood sugar. A glycemic load of much less than 10 is ideal to have little effect on blood glucose reaction.

Lima Bean


There is about 1 gram of fat in a cup of lima beans, making them a certainly low-fat food. Additionally, the maximum of that small quantity of fats is polyunsaturated fats, which is taken into consideration “right fat” by health professionals.


Each serving of lima beans gives nearly eleven grams of protein—barely greater than different kinds of beans. Lima beans, however, aren’t an entire protein. Complete proteins offer all the crucial amino acids that the body cannot make and consequently should be consumed in the food regimen. Eating foods from various protein resources each day will permit you to get Vidalista.

Lima Bean

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins in lima beans include folate (34 micrograms, or about 4% of the everyday value). You also advantage from thiamin and smaller amounts of several B nutrients, together with nutrients K and E.

Minerals in lima beans encompass manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. Lima beans have extra iron than several different forms of beans, which includes kidney beans, chickpeas, and soybeans. Lima beans additionally include small amounts of zinc, selenium, and calcium.


One cup of boiled lima beans presents 209 energy, 76% of which come from carbs, 22% from protein, and a pair of fats.


Lima beans are a low-fat supply of healthy complicated carbs, fiber, and protein. Lima beans are wealthy in potassium, iron, magnesium, and nutrition C. They also provide zinc, calcium, vitamin K, and Vidalista 20mg.

Health Benefits

Legumes, together with lima beans, had been studied by vitamins researchers for years. They are not unusual food consumed around the world. Research suggests that growing your consumption of lima beans—or any bean—presents sure health blessings.

Helps With Weight Control

An evaluation of the dietary value of legumes published in the journal Obesity Reviews determined that “changing electricity-dense foods with legumes has been proven to have beneficial outcomes on the prevention and management of weight problems and related issues, including cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.” Energy-dense meals are the ones that can be high in energy but low in vitamins,

Study authors suggest replacing excessive-calorie, high-fats meaty ingredients (consisting of burgers and sausage) with beans or combining meat with legumes inside the manufacturing of these foods to lessen fat and calorie content.

Lowers Cholesterol

Including beans in your food regimen may help lower LDL cholesterol (also known as “bad” cholesterol).

May Boost Gut Health

Beans are an amazing source of resistant starch, which is understood to assist feed the best bacteria colonies in the intestine, contributing to a wholesome gut microbiome.

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Another overview of studies determined that increasing the consumption of beans, peas, and lentils (a group called “pulses”) can help people with and without diabetes enhance lengthy-time period glycemic control of their diets.

Supports Brain Health

Lima beans are an amazing supply of manganese, a mineral essential to the health of the apprehensive system and brain.


Although an allergy to lima beans isn’t always unusual, it’s miles possible. Allergies to other legumes, together with peanuts, soybeans, and lentils, are greater established. Some folks who are allergic to one legume may even react to or be sensitive to others. If you have a legume allergic reaction, speak to your doctor about which legumes are secure to devour.

Adverse Effects

Compounds that intervene with nutrient absorption are generally called “antinutrients.” However, the term is misleading because this interference best occurs while the compounds are fed on in sizeable amounts. The consequences of antinutrients are negligible in the number of lima beans you’re probable to devour.

One look at primarily investigated antinutrients in lima beans. Researchers determined that rinsing, cooking, and toasting the beans (particularly autoclaving—the usage of a strain chamber—for 20 minutes) appreciably reduced or removed antinutrients in lima beans, except for tannins.

While you won’t have an autoclave for your kitchen, you probably do not want to fear the approximate antinutrients in grains and legumes. According to vitamins experts, the substances are deactivated in beans with appropriate soaking and cooking practices.

However, antinutrients can be a difficulty for people with anemia. If you’ve got been recognized with this condition, or have other questions on antinutrients, communicate with a registered dietitian for a recommendation.

When They’re Best?

Lima beans are in season for the duration of the late summer season and early fall, however, most clients can locate lima beans in their grocery store year-spherical, in dried, frozen, and canned arrangements.

When you buy any legumes, search for complete, plump, uncracked beans that appear clean. Avoid beans or pods that appear wilted, yellowish, dried, or spotted.

In maximum cases, frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as their sparkling counterparts and typically less expensive. Just be sure to pick frozen beans with few or no added components (like salt or sugar).

Lima beans are also to be canned, however, they’re frequently packaged in saltwater, including upwards of 300mg sodium in line with a 1/2 cup serving.

You may even develop your personal. Lima beans are a first-rate starter crop. They should be grown in complete sun. They require approximately 60 to 90 heat, frost-unfastened days to reach harvest.

Storage and Food Safety

The way that you save your beans relies upon how you purchase them: shelled or unshelled. Both must be saved inside the fridge. Vidalista 40mg stays clean for approximately 7 days.

If you purchase shelled beans, you could blanch them and position them in the freezer, in which they may stay sparkling for up to 3 months. Dried, you can store shelled lima beans in a fab, dry region for 10 to 365 days.

How to Prepare?

Shell lima beans before you prepare dinner using commencing every pod and removing the beans. To prepare dinner clean lima beans, and add them to boiling salted water. Cook till soft, as much as 60 minutes.

The buttery, mild taste of this bean makes it a smooth facet dish that pairs nicely with fish, meat, chicken, or grains. You can also use lima beans in areas of different beans, like white beans, in most recipes.


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