When it comes to watching anime, cartoons, movies, and TV shows online, KissAnime is among the most popular and often visited free streaming websites.

When the KissAnime website is down, here is a list of the top KissAnime Alternatives. Check out our list for Kissanime Alternatives

First things first before we go into our list of alternative services to KissAnime, let’s discuss what KissAnime actually is. Take a look at what’s below here.

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What is KissAnime?

The greatest and most popular internet streaming services for anime can only be identified by someone who is a true fan of the medium.

KissAnime, which is included on that list of the best platforms, is the one that used to be the most well-liked anime streaming website since it had such a large number of anime videos.

Users are able to view cartoons and anime movies on KissAnime, which is why the site has earned the reputation of being the best of its kind.

The fact that users were able to search for content based on the type of anime represented by either their status or their name was one of the many features that made KissAnime so popular among its audience.

Features of Kissanime website

  1. It offers the highest quality English-dubbed and subbed anime in high definition.
  2. It does not cost anything at all! It is a website where the vast majority of people who enjoy anime spend the majority of their time. It is the most popular website for anime fans worldwide, offering free streaming to millions of users. KissAnime has, in comparison to other websites devoted to anime, the largest collection, and it publishes videos in all available qualities, from 240p all the way up to 1080p, in a consistent manner.
  3. It offers a straightforward user interface and provides options for a wide variety of genres, such as horror, comedy, romance, action, and adventure, among others.

Due to the fact that the KissAnime website is currently unavailable, we recommend that you make use of some of the KissAnime alternatives that are currently available that offer capabilities to those described above.

List of Kissanime Categories

Romance Supernatural
Comedy Magic
Fighting Space
War based Cartoons
Adventure Cars
Thriller Fantasy
Vampire Parody
Sci-fi Psychological
Horror Martial Arts

KissAnime Alternatives – Top 30 Sites Like KissAnime To Watch Anime For Free

You are unable to access the Kissanime website, are you? Here are some alternatives to Kissanime that are currently operational and offer content that is comparable.



AnimeFreak is another excellent KissAnime alternative. The website features the most extensive library of anime and manga content, which covers a wide variety of genres. You are able to access the website regardless of whether or not you register an account with it.



Since its inception in 2006, the online video platform known as Crunchyroll has amassed an enormous number of users. This website is fantastic since it is accessible to anybody, regardless of whether or not they have an interest in anime.

This is due to the fact that it does not only contain anime but also a large number of other shows that are available in a variety of languages, not just English and Japanese.

This website has a wide variety of categories, some of which are anime, drama, manga, music, and entertainment. They have over 15000 hours’ worth of content that has been properly licensed.

That’s what I call getting things done! One minor disadvantage is that not all shows may be streamed for free, and paying for the premium version is necessary because the free version has some restrictions on what it can offer.

Anime-Planet- Watch English Dubbed Anime


When it comes to streaming anime online, Anime-Planet is yet another fantastic option. It provides a one-of-a-kind user interface that enhances the whole surfing experience. The streaming service offers more than 45,000 episodes of legal, industry-supported anime, which is the most crucial feature.



9Anime is the destination of choice for fans of anime when it comes to finding the greatest KissAnime alternatives . It stands out from the competition due to the fact that it provides thousands of anime films and movies that are available in English subbed as well as dubbed versions, all of which have incredible sound quality.



Chia-Anime is the next title on the list to be discussed. The website allows users from all around the world to access its content, which includes a great deal of material related to anime. In addition, it not only enables you to watch your preferred anime in streaming format, but also enables you to download it for use at a later time.



If anime is the only thing that interests you, then GoGoAnime is the perfect service for you. The website has a large database that allows you to access a wide variety of anime in a variety of resolutions, ranging from the earliest to the most recent releases. Additionally, the website enables you to download anime for offline viewing.



AniWatcher is the website that makes watching anime the least complicated, and it has a large archive of episodes from current and popular series. It is one of the KissAnime alternatives that is worth considering because the list of anime that is found on the site is continually updated, and the site provides both dubbed and subtitled versions of anime.


AnimeLab is one of the best KissAnime alternatives, and you should definitely check it out. It contains a large collection of anime spanning variety of categories and may be seen online. You can still watch your favorite anime online even though this website is only accessible from within Australia and New Zealand if you subscribe to a virtual private network service (VPN).

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy

When compiling a list of the top alternatives to KissAnime, including Anime Frenzy is an option that should not be overlooked. Its anime library is kept up to date on a consistent basis, and the site’s information is neatly structured for easy navigation and speedier searching. In addition to that, it provides a chat room for users to communicate with one another.


Because it is constantly being updated, Anilinkz is widely regarded as one of the most capable kissAnime alternatives. They have a large number of episodes, all of which may be located through their many categories. On the website, you may find newly added series, ongoing series, as well as a comprehensive list. As a result of the fact that it is available without charge, it is consistently ranked among the top Anime websites.

 Anime Land- Watch Anime English Dubbed

Anime Land

Anime Land is a well-liked option for those looking for an KissAnime alternative that provides users with the capability to download anime movies or television series and then watch them at a later time.

It is one of the top KissAnime alternatives due to the fact that the website is accessible without cost. You can download content at any time without having to first register an account, and there is no time limit on how much you can download.


Masterani.me is a popular anime-streaming site. It’s easy to use and requires no registration. You need an updated flash player. Home page shows newest submissions; search tab shows rest. They also feature a timetable for upcoming anime shows.


Horriblesubs is quite new yet nonetheless worth mentioning. It streams HD anime and more. Downloads are allowed. The website has movies and fascinating information.

Kiss Asians

Kiss Asians

Kiss Asians offers a simple user interface that allows users to search for certain titles as well as view newly added anime to the platform. It is a platform that is free to watch, although the free version does include advertisements. If you want to completely remove advertisements from your experience on Kiss Asians, you can purchase a premium subscription.



Funimation is a strong Kissanime alternative. Users can stream the best and latest animation shows whenever they want. The USA, Ireland, Canada, the UK, and a few other nations offer the service. If you’re outside the chosen locations or traveling, use a VPN.



Soul Anime is a free . This site has a huge library of Anime series and episodes.

Most of its collections are subtitled and dubbed to simplify foreign movie tracking. Soul Anime features One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Fairytale.



AnimeKarma is another popular anime site. AnimeKarma has tons of anime movies and episodes. Anime Karma’s interface is modern. Despite pop – up ads and redirection, the website has everything anime enthusiasts need.



Cartoon Crazy is a web-based software that enables you watch cartoons and anime movies on kissanime.com. The site is designed for Anime viewers and is updated with fresh movies and cartoons.

Anime and cartoons are categorized. Each category has easy-to-play titles. It’s more interesting if you sort claims by genre and year. This website offers Anime Dubbed movies in several languages.

Go to its website to watch high-quality anime. Advanced search lets you find your favorite cartoon or anime easily. Cartoon Crazy has a simple interface, daily updates, a community, and more.



MasterAni lets viewers watch free English dub anime. The site has 2500 anime programs in HD. Website viewing requires the latest Flashplayer.

It boasts a modern, user-friendly interface and is ad-free. Users can view ratings and comments. It offers information on all upcoming series, which is interesting.



Animestreams is made for anime viewers. Free without pop-up ads. It has a larger library of anime shows than others. Each category offers a range of updated alternatives to provide the latest information.

The site has an easy-to-use interface with a black navigation bar that lists Anime Movies, A-Z list, English Dub, etc. This site’s request function is one of its most interesting features. Animestreams have a variety of distinguishing features. Verify.



WatchAnimeMovie is a new anime streaming website that offers free access to new and classic anime.

Its easy streaming sites attract global audiences. The website’s series are categorized as Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror, Comedy, and more. Each genre offers options like regular content updates.

WatchAnimeMovie.com lets you browse categories and search for anime shows. If an anime isn’t available, you can request it on the site. It delivers in 24 hours. The site is free and accessible worldwide.

WatchAnimeMovie has a user-friendly interface, quick streaming, HD video, comments, full series descriptions, and many genres.



Popular AnimeHeaven.com It’s a 10-year-old site. It offers a variety of anime shows. Its homepage provides the latest new episodes. AnimeHeaven is great for ad-free anime.

It includes children’s shows, classic and modern series. It’s anime fans’ dream. It schedules anime updates. The next episode update won’t be missed. Pop-up ads are the website’s only drawback.




Animeseason offers free anime movies, dramas, and series. It airs daily cartoons, movies, and anime. Everything on the site is dubbed and streams quickly.

Each category has many options. The site has a sophisticated search function where you can input the movie title and click Go to start streaming.

The site offers up to 3000 titles and is updated with new releases to provide you the latest information. If the content isn’t available, you can request it.

Its features include comments, ratings, HD content, detailed descriptions, updates, and quick streaming. Overall, it’s one of the best anime streaming services.


If you’re looking for a free anime streaming service, you’ve found it. Free anime streaming website Animeultima requires no signup or registration. Watch anime series, dramas, movies, and the latest episodes in one place.

This website also offers free anime episode downloads. Animeultima’s elegant UI lets you find your favorite series instantly. Simply type in an anime series/movie name, and it will show onscreen.

Animeultima summarizes each anime series. This helps fans choose the best series based on plot and characters.

Each episode of this website’s anime is subtitled in English. Animeultima offers dub and sub movies.


Daisuki operates an anime streaming portal. It’s easy to use and streams anime. To watch premium series and content, subscribe to a plan.

Daisuki.net’s user-friendly interface attracts global visitors. After subscribing, you can stream without limits.

The website has an e-commerce section for anime items. Daisuki includes quick streaming, many quality formats, regular content updates, an app, unfettered browsing, and several categories.



DubbedAnime lets you view, track, and discuss anime. It features a big library of classic and new anime. This website offers English-dubbed anime.

You’re free to find other nice anime, though. Playing HD content is easy. DubbedAnime is a community service where you may ask questions or make complaints.



Kissanime.ru is down; what happened to KissAnime? Quit asking! AnimeOut has all the anime you want. Animeout, a website for anime aficionados. Free full-length cartoons are available online. Registration isn’t required.

You’ll never run out of good anime to watch because they update weekly. Their Anime collection has high-quality movies.

No custom filters are available on the website. This makes searching for movies tough, but given the site’s large anime selection, it’s not a problem.

By searching for a movie, all matched films will appear. Once you find an anime series, you may stream episodes online.

You can download Subbed Anime to your computer’s hard disk to watch it later.



AnimeTosho is a well-known site for English-dubbed anime. AnimeTosho is a great alternative to KissAnime. It’s one of the best free anime websites. It has a large library of cartoons and anime movies.

There’s humor, movies, instructive videos, and reviews. All new anime movies are free to watch online.

AnimeTosho updates episodes 10x faster than other sites. This site offers high-quality English-dubbed anime without requiring registration.

AnimeTosho is a simple, hassle-free way to watch anime online.



Animeultima will soon be a movie. Since 2001, Animeultima has been in development, however it just shut down.

Animeultima had almost 30 million members before going down. They have anime categories. Animeultima offers free short films and full-length anime episodes. Some users can watch anime movies for free during weekly “streaming specials.”

Animeultima is a safe, legal method to watch anime online. Most of the content is generated by Japanese animation studios, therefore it’s suitable for kids.

No blood, violence, or explicit content. Animeultima is based on Dragonball Z, like other KissAnime alternatives.

The humanlike characters appeal to many who crave actual action. Saiyan is a superhero with a strong sense of justice, courage, and love in Animeultima. Animeultima’s HD video format lets viewers see animation in high resolution.

Animeultima has free anime movies. Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, and Fairy Tale are good anime movies to watch online. You can subscribe to their monthly movie service to enjoy more of these fantastic anime films.

You can watch many movies each month. Animeultima’s free anime movie offering combines their free anime video, subscription, and movie renting services.

Animeultima only features original Japanese animation. Visit Animeultima regularly to find an excellent anime movie or two.



AnimeNova is a great place to watch Japanese anime hits and simulcasts in HD. New episodes are uploaded every week.

The site is divided into sections including popular shows, new series, and genres. Each category has many choices.

AnimeNova doesn’t require registration to stream, but you must subscribe with your email address to receive updates. Dragon Ball Super, Blue Exorcist, Gangsta, Sword Art Online, and others are included.


HorribleSubs is another KissAnime alternative. Horriblesubs.info beginner? HorribleSubs has the largest collections of ONGOING ANIME, ANIME SERIES, ANIME MOVIES, and CARTOON series.

HorribleSubs offers a large number of free sub anime online and download choices. Horriblesubs’ sophisticated search finds movies in seconds.

Is Streaming from Kissanime Safe?

Kissanime and Kissanime alternatives host different anime categories. Copyright-protected content causes problems.

Streaming copyrighted content is illegal. ISPs can trace your activities and send DMCA notices. Always be careful on of what you content stream online.

Kissanime proxy & mirror sites

Apart from the Kissanime alternatives listed above, you may also visit the following Kissanime mirror and proxy sites:

NOTE: Kissanime has closed and has no plans to return, so use Kissanime alternatives, mirror, and proxy sites.

These options may not have the same degree of material, but they can certainly entertain fans.

If you think we overlooked any KissAnime alternatives, please comment bellow.

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