Are you looking for the Best Head Shaver in the market? read to know about what are the specifications that you need to consider before buying the right one.

Head Shaver

What To Look For When Buying a Head Shaver?

A shaved dome is a timeless look that has found wide appreciation lately. Men of all stature and age are opting for a spick and span shaved head look because of how effortless and convenient it is to maintain the look and groom it regularly.

Moreover, it is the kind of men’s hairdo that pretty much goes with any attire and looks handsome and confident. Lately, many men are also opting for the shaved head look for style and not to camouflage the patterned baldness. There are many plus points to a hairless head and that is what motivates men to choose a shaved head look.

Moreover, the fact that a shaved head can be achieved from the comfort of one’s house only with the help of a Head Shaver, and the long waiting hours and exorbitant fees of the hair stylist can be avoided.

However, for a flawless and perfectly shaved head, it is important to invest in a quality head shaver. A shaver with useful and worthy specifications can help in achieving the style perfectly.

A proper shaver will also have certain other add-ons that can help in creating a unique style or for other shaving endeavours. What remains essential is to choose the perfect head shaver that can cater to the various requirements of shaving and offer a smooth and clean shaved head.

While purchasing a shaver for head shaving, one must consider the fact that head shaving is different from normal shaving activities. There are contours in the head and also the fact that the rear part of the head remains unseeable while self-shaving the head, makes it important to use a shaver that is safe and ergonomically designed.

The market is flooded with grooming products which are substandard or flimsy, and so choosing the Best Head Shaver requires some effort and understanding of the category. Here we will be discussing some of the specifications that make for a quality head shaver and will be worth the investment.

Shaver Head: Shaving the head all by yourself is a challenging task as the surface of the head is asymmetrical. There are contours and difficult corners like behind the ears, the rear part of the head, etc, which are difficult to reach out to.

Keeping all these in mind, while purchasing a head shaver one should consider the shaver head. Usually, there are two types of shaver heads available in the market for head shavings, the foil head and the rotary head. While both are designed for head shaving but the rotary head is believed to be more efficient in achieving a clean and well-groomed shaved head.

The rotary head is designed to fit the contours of the head and offer a comfortable shaving experience. Besides, the rotary system is easy to handle and gives the liberty for flexible movement across the surface.

Motor with greater RPM: A head shaver with a good RPM motor is instrumental in offering a cleaner and faster shave. Try looking for a shaver of around 10,000 RPM for efficient functionality. Although the head shavers available in the market has RPM ranging from 5000 to 10,000, it is better to opt for a head shaver powered by a higher RPM motor.

Waterproof: Shaving preferences change from man to man and also from time to time according to convenience. When sometimes a wet shave is a requirement, some other times it is the dry shaving that is convenient for a quick fix. And so choose a head shaver that is at least IP X 7 waterproof to offer the liberty of shave in both wet and dry conditions.

Higher shave time: With a powerful lithium battery the shaving time is also greater. With long shaving minutes, you get the chance to just charge it and use it for a longer period. Some popular brands also provide around 90 minutes of run time with a single charge. This is convenient as by charging it once, one can complete all the shaving requirements and do not need to face the inconvenience of charging it in between the shaving endeavour.

Shaver Kit: When you are investing in a Head Shaver, it is better to look for options that come with a complete shaving kit. A shaving kit will consist of trimmer heads, precision clippers, clipper heads, and cleaning brushes, along with the tool and the rotary shaving head. Looking for a kit will be worth the investment as all your shaving needs can be taken care of. You can simply change the head and engage in several shaving and trimming activities.

These are some of the specifications that are a must consider before finalizing a head shaver. A shaver that will cater to the following requirements and has good customer reviews and satisfaction will not disappoint you.

Bottom Line

Check out the commercial selling sites and tally the specifications to get your hands on the Best Head Shaver. A quality head shaver will help you achieve a cleaner and smoother shaved dome and will up your styling game.

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