For any healthcare facility, gloves are an indispensable material – mainly if it’s disposable. This material not only provides support to protect healthcare executives and patients from coming into contact with probable dangerous microbes but also helps to set an example in hygiene and care across the field.

Though it shouldn’t come as a revelation, what you haven’t registered – is that disposable gloves aren’t all made so identically.

Various elements with options in design make an indubitable product better suited for different medical environments.

, in case – you order incorrect gloves for your practice then you will end up squandering the resources and also endangering yourself with the risk of punctures, rips, and tears.

Generally, disposable gloves are madeup of one of three materials, such as nitrile, latex, or vinyl.

So, over here, we’re going to perceive the differences between two materials, i.e., nitrile medical exam gloves vs. the pink latex-free gloves.

What Do You Understand By Latex?

Well, it’s an amalgamation of proteins and compounds that is found naturally in a few plants and trees. This material is a fluid substance that can be transformed into a rubber-like material that can be used for several purposes in different industrial fields.

Natural latex differs from synthetic latex which is made up of chemicals and is used to make things like latex paint.


However, natural latex is very much allergic in nature that’s why latex-free materials are used by health workers in the medical field.

Importance Of Using Pink Latex-Free Gloves:-

Protects All.

The substantial ground for using pink latex-free gloves in the healthcare department as a whole is to safeguard the healthcare workers and the patient from exposure to viral diseases.

Healthcare workers, continual ill patients, and individuals who’re affected by spina bifida have a greater chance of developing anaphylactic allergies from latex.

Though the symptoms are less like contact dermatitis, however, many latex products are used internally and can cause notable concerns.

While all healthcare facilities have to encourage the utilization of latex-free substances for those who already have a known allergy when both latex and latex-free products are obtainable though the possibility of the healthcare professional and patient coming into contact with latex products is still high.

Hence to secure any individual from coming into contact with latex products, it is best for healthcare facilities to adopt a totally latex-free environment.

Save Money.

Cuddling totally in a latex-free environment helps an amenity in saving a significant amount of their money. Ordering a single product amongst a lot of different choices enables to decrease the amount of product held around the facility in both storage rooms and the clinical setting.

Moreover, when only one type of product is employed, it decreases the confusion and the need for additional clarification or signage. Whenever the probable dangerous elements are eradicated, the risk for potential cost repugnant reactions is there.

Advantage cannot reduce the cost associated with adverse reactions – medications, additional treatment time and resources, and more extended stays – but also helps to avoid lawsuits, worker’s compensation cases, and loss of quality personnel.

What Do You Understand By Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves?

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber or NBR, is the short phrase used to denote nitrile. Though it’s mentioned as NBR latex, it doesn’t contain any natural rubber latex material in them. Basically, it is a form of synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene.

These two elements (monomers) are then placed in stainless steel vat, and a chemical reaction ensues by utilizing hot or cold polymerization, as says voila!

The nitrile latex is filtered and mixed with an antioxidant to stabilize the material. After that, the liquid is solidified by adding a coagulant and then ultimately washed and dried. The material that outcomes is called crumb rubber.

This rubber is then thawed by product manufacturers to make nitrile rubber materials, like, floor mats, footwear, adhesives, and also nitrile medical gloves.

Importance Of Using The Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves:-

Has Superior Chemical Resistance.

Nitrile has high chemical resistance features which makes them excellent options to be used in labs and hospitals, as well as also in the utilization of household cleaning substances. Due to this feature, it is encouraged in a broad range of industrial fields where hand protection is essential.

These encompass – medical and scientific labs, manufacturing units, chemical production facilities, oil and gas-related sectors, and other high-risk workplaces.

In these facilities, it’s not just enough to wash your hand but also need to be secured. Therefore, when it comes to nitrile than other gloves, it’s precise that it will protect your hands remarkably well from corrosive elements that others can’t do.

Has Better Tear And Puncture Resistance Capabilities.

Nitrile also provides the best tear and puncture resistance capabilities. It is three to four times more puncture resistant compared to latex.

Hence, this makes them an ideal element for those looking for lasting mechanical hand protection products or for someone who requires protection in risky workplaces, mainly where sharp objects are employed.

with this, the medical and utility grade gloves are capable of protecting your hands from cuts, wounds, scratches, bruises, etc.

Moreover, if you start comparing nitrile with latex, you can discover that puncture holes are tough to detect in latex, thus putting the user in danger of being exposed to dangerous materials.

Though it doesn’t happen with nitrile, making them a good and reliable option for hand protection, particularly for those who work with environmental contaminants or bloodborne pathogens.

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