Are you edentulous and missing your smile? If yes, why worry? I’m here to help you out!
The advancement in dental technology has found every possible solution for all the problems, similarly to the case of toothlessness as well.

Here in this article, we’re going to discuss the best and most unique solution for your problem, full mouth implants, one of the best solutions for your teeth.

We’ll also examine its advantages, disadvantages, and some relevant FAQs. To know more about this blog, continue reading it till the end!

What are full mouth implants?

Full mouth implants cost

Full mouth implants are dental implants used to do full mouth restorations for people who have lost their maximum number of teeth.

These full mouth implants contain several dental implants that embed into your jawbone and the other teeth supported by the implant. Mostly this dental implant is suggested for people who have lost their maximum number of teeth due to any age or due to any dental or oral diseases.

Full-mouth implants refer not only to the all-on-four dental implants alone but also all-on-six and all-on-eight.

Your dental surgeon suggests you full-mouth-implants considering your oral and dental health.

Visit the best dental clinic near Chennai, or you to get the best full-mouth implant treatment.

Who are the suitable candidates for full mouth implants? 

Some suitable candidates for the whole mouth implants are;

  • People with good oral health are suitable candidates for dental implants.
  • People opting for full mouth implants must have a good bone density to support the treatment for the jaws.
  • You must have enough healthy gums to carry on the treatment.
  • If you have multiple missing teeth, you are suitable for full mouth implants.

So these were suitable candidates for dental implant treatment.

What are the advantages of the full mouth implant?

All in one procedure:

Full mouth implants are an all-in-one procedure that helps you to obtain a solution for your multiple problems.

Where you may need to take implants for every single tooth with the help of these full mouth implants; thus, it is an all-in-one procedure that reduces your work to a great extent.


Full mouth implants are a dental implant treatment where you can save your maximum time and that too smartly without any further issues. Full mouth implants can save your time simultaneously by providing a single solution for multiple problems.

Natural Appearance:

Full-mouth implants depict the natural tooth. In the case of a full mouth, implants are complicated to find if you have a natural or artificial tooth. Their appearance is one of the appealable features for which many people choose this option.


All-on-four dental implants are comfortable as well as easy to take care of. No special care is required to treat your teeth with the full mouth implant treatment.

All you need is daily care which you regularly do with your natural teeth. Therefore these full mouth implants are comfortable to manage, just like natural teeth.

What are the disadvantages of full mouth implants?


The full mouth implant cost in Chennai is higher when compared to other tooth replacement procedures.

One major con of full mouth implants is that they are pretty expensive. They might cost you out of your budget, making you think twice thrice before opting for the treatment.


The dental implant treatment requires surgery in your teeth to install the implants in your upper and lower jaws. Therefore it involves some risks while performing the full mouth implants surgery, which is one of the significant disadvantages of dental implants.

What should a person do after the Ful mouth implant treatment?

Some things to follow immediately after the dental implant are;


Never forget to take medicine as it is the primary step of oral care you take towards your implants. Try to take every medicine the dentist prescribes to get instant and immediate relief from the pain and discomfort.


Have control and watch your diet. Do not do anything immediately after the implant surgery, especially if the dentist is not concerned about it. Mostly try to avoid hard foods after the dental implants. Check your diet and try to follow them as much as possible.

Lessen exercising:

Try to reduce the workouts just after the implant surgery. It is necessary to give your entire body a rest to recover from that pain and thus try to reduce such strenuous activities to your body.

Visit the dentist:

After the treatment, try to visit the dentists in between and go on for the checkups to ensure that everything is fine with the procedure. Hence try visiting the dentists to avoid further issues with your teeth.
So these were some of the things to consider when concerning dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Full Mouth Implants Advantages and Disadvantages; 

Can you get a dental implant treatment for your entire mouth?

A complete mouth implant is optimal for replacing all your teeth, including jaw bones. It is most suitable for those who have lost multiple teeth.

Is the full mouth dental implant treatment painful?

With the advancement in dentistry, nothing is much more painful. The dental surgeons and the dentists use local anesthesia to provide excellent results without causing you any pain.

What shouldn’t you do after dental implants?

Immediately after the dental implant, you must avoid hot and cold foods and drinks as they can impact you differently. Here’s why dentists suggest not to eat anything immediately after the dental implants.

So hope you find the blog helpful. Thank you for reading till the end!

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