Fsharetv: Since viewing movies is a common thing for most of the people now, you might be interested to learn about since not everyone enjoys forking over a lot of cash for paid streaming services.

Fsharetv is a fantastic website for watching movies and streaming TV shows for free on its own, but occasionally users don’t like the UI and UX of the platform or they may not be able to find the movie they’re looking for there.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, we have compiled a list of the best Fsharetv substitutes where you can select from a wide variety of TV shows of all genres. All of the websites on the list below are live and entirely secure to access. On many of the websites listed below, you can browse and watch your favorite old movies with subtitles for free without even having to register.


Without requiring registration or a subscription, Fsharetv provides access to a vast library of free movies and TV series. The random movies and TV shows section of Fsharetv features regular updates of classic films and television programs. The homepage provides rapid access to the full HD, subtitled movies and TV series available from Blockbuster. You can watch old movies and sort movies by year, genre, and country.

Although they have devoted followers, classic films do not have the greatest amount of representation in the film industry. Fans of old movies (classic movies) now have easy access to a wealth of spooky content thanks to the wonders of the Internet.

There are obviously a ton of horror movies available on services like Prime Video and Netflix, but those require a paid subscription. Here are a few legitimate websites where you can watch classic movies online for free with daily updates if you’re looking for some free scares or just want to watch a corny old romance movie with your friends.

Best to Watch Classic Movies Online Free



As a classic film and television website, Esubmovie primarily features older-era horror movies. The collection’s oldest movie is from the 1980s, and its most recent movies are from 1991 to 2022.

You shouldn’t anticipate to find the newest box office successes on Esubmovie. However, you will like this website whether you enjoy vintage movies or just want to make fun of them. You can choose from literally dozens of titles.

Every single movie on Esubmovie is legitimate because it only hosts public domain movies. Unfortunately, there are no contemporary conveniences like subtitles because of how old these movies are. However, it is simple to find the horror movie you want to watch because they are all listed on one page.

On this Esubmovie.net website, you can watch the movies Scarface, The Elephant Man, The Gods Must Be Crazy, and Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.



One of the best websites for watching free old movies is popcornflix, which is also available on all platforms. With the assistance of advertisements, you can watch countless films, TV shows, and even original content.

On vintage movie websites like Fsharetv, there are hundreds of spooky movies from various decades. Any of them can be started immediately, with no need to register. If you prefer to watch on a different platform, Popcornflix is also available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox.

The list of classic movies includes A Fistful of Dollars, Baby’s Day Out, Mercury Rising, and Escape from Alcatraz.



A large selection of free English movies and TV shows supported by advertisements are available on Rarefilmm. You can keep track of the movies you want to watch next by creating a free account, which allows you to add movies to your queue.

There are many films available in the old movies section, and each one’s rating, year, running time, and genre are readily visible. Free distribution of a variety of scary movies in a visually appealing packaging is a great plan.

Contrary to some of the other websites described in this post, including Fsharetv, the video quality can be changed when feasible (choosing from 720p or 480p, for example). Most movies also allow you to customize the subtitles to your preferences.

The Night They Saved Christmas, Fanfare for a Death Scene, Catch Me If You Can, Stunden bis Acapulco, and All Women Have Secrets are just a few of the movies you can see right now on Rarefilmm.



Anyone can enjoy the free movies and television shows on AZMovies without having to create an account. You will have to put up with commercials while watching, much as with the majority of other free movie websites like Fsharetv, but everything is of good quality and has subtitles.

Old movies don’t have their own page, although the majority of them may be found in the genre and year navigation. To see what fresh products have been added, check back periodically.

Spiders, Burning Bright, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are currently available on AZMovies (azms.to).


Users can view movies and TV series on the website Mov.onl in 1080p HD. They can be downloaded as well. Users can choose from a selection of movies and TV shows on the website and view them for free. There are many categories on Mov.onl, which offers users access to more films and TV series as well as other advantages.



Ask4movie consistently has both new and classic movies available. Its content is of a really high caliber. You can binge-watch your preferred television shows on Netflix and other streaming services in addition to old English movie releases. Ask4movie offers HD visuals and a variety of methods to watch videos on a wide range of devices using video distribution technologies like Mixdrop, Mystream, and others.

The website only accepts donations in the form of advertisements. Users can select from a number of categories on this Fsharetv substitute website. Consider Ask4movie options as well.



There are many spooky videos on YouTube, but many of them are illegal, and some of them may disappear in the future. The Marilyn Monroe channel is your best bet if you want to view spooky movies that are allowed to be seen on YouTube.

There are plenty fully licensed horror films available on it. Classic movie reviews and other such material make up some of the additional content. However, there is much to do if all you want to do is watch movies.

You can watch movies right now like Ladies Of The Chorus, The War of the Worlds, and The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission.



Another well-liked resource for free old English movies is HDbest. To access the service and watch dozens of Netflix original movies, you do not need to register. However, you can save movies to watch at a later time if you create an account.

When you choose a movie, you can view its rating, length, release date, and a brief summary by moving your mouse over it.

You now know where to go for legally acceptable, free horror movies. Whether you prefer cheesy or frightening horror films, new or old, you don’t need to pay a dollar to watch them on your computer.



SolarMovie is another great website for streaming free movies and TV shows. The fact that millions of people visit the website each month shows how popular and well-liked it is. Additionally, SolarMovie doesn’t require a login to access the movies; simply click on the movie or show of your choosing to start streaming.

In addition, it offers a variety of films to choose from, including those in the genres of adventure, history, family, thriller, mystery, and action.

You will need to click more than once to start streaming a movie or TV show, which isn’t exactly great, as we discovered while reviewing this website.

Expect some annoying pop-ups as well (if you do not have an ad-blocker installed). If you have ever used a streaming website, you are aware that these are common procedures for such services.

These websites use these tactics to generate income because they are often free for users to use. It won’t hurt to give it a shot and see whether it meets your needs.

If the advertisements are too much for you, you can always use one of the Solarmovie alternatives that are currently accessible.



You’ll recognize the MovieWatcher website as one of the top FMovies substitutes as soon as you visit it. It has a modern design with an intuitive homepage.

The top of the webpage lists the newest films playing in theaters. For a wider range of content, you may also search for movies based on best-rated, most-popular, and recently added categories.

The drawback is that registration is required in order to stream movies. Additionally, there will undoubtedly be a number of pop-up advertisements while you are on the site, but any effective ad blocker should be able to handle them.

On the plus side, every website and television program has a preview. This contains the genre, writers, actors, release date, and nation where the movie was made. For a better streaming experience, the website just launched a second domain, moviestars.to.

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