flirty Goodnight texts: It might be really romantic to text your sweetheart goodnight before bed. Who wouldn’t want to be the last thought the person they’re madly in love with has at night?

However, if it’s just a straightforward “nighty night,” it could easily become a routine that destroys the magic. The message was intended to make them feel unique, therefore the last thing you want is for that to happen.

So why not be a little more imaginative when you’re thinking of texts to send your partner before bed? Instead, before going to bed, send him some sexts.

A little effort goes a long way when it comes to texting him in the evening with flirtatious messages. You’ll need to go above and beyond simply saying, “Yo sweet dreams, boo,” if you want your lover to have sweet dreams.

So that your SO can’t ignore it, you need to add some spice. From these 40 flirtatious goodnight texts for him or her, you’re sure to find something to say, depending on whether you want to send a text that’s kind or sexual AF.

It makes complete sense that you wouldn’t have the energy to draft something on your own if it was late and you were exhausted. Any of these texts can be given your own unique spin for a romantic response.

Text Them Something Sweet


Just so you know, you are the first person of your kind I have ever encountered. Sleep tight, baby. I wish you were here with me right now so I could give you a big hug and kiss goodnight.

Just wanted to send you a quick text to let you know that you’re on my mind before I go to sleep. Goodnight! If you were here with me, I would sleep so much better. Soon. Until then, Goodnite!

I sincerely wish that my head was resting on your chest, RN, rather than this pillow. A night, baby.

Tonight, I observed something. With you in it, my bed is much more comfy. Emojis might be able to convey my longing for you better than words ever could. Here we go, then! Good night! [Insert random emojis]

Even though I’m only partially awake, I had to text you to express how much I value you. Rest well!

Tonight, dream of me because I will undoubtedly dream of you. In bed with my kitty, all cozy. However, there is still plenty of space for you. simply stating Sleep, boo.

Soon, I’ll see you in my dreams. Hey, just making sure you were the last person I spoke to today. When I wake up, I’ll text you so that you’re also the first person I call.

Texting you is my favorite part of my nightly routine. Love you. Although I adore my bed, I adore you more.

Send Them Something Flirty

I wish you were here right now so badly. Take a selfie in bed here. I have recently purchased a super hot new nightgown. I wish you could have witnessed it. Goodnight!
I require my big/small spoon.

It will be challenging to get to sleep without your snoring. JK. Baby, goodnight. Are you aware of your sexuality? Sexy enough to make it difficult to fall asleep tonight. Goodnight.

If you were present at this moment, I’m picturing what may occur. Not sleeping, spoiler. Good night.

I can’t sleep, baby. If you were here, I could see all the things we could be doing to one other.

Baby! Without you here to keep my chilly feet toasty way you like it, it’s freezing here.
Have you ever dreamed about having sex with me? Perhaps this is the night. Sleep soundly.

I tell you what, I’m dressed in what you prefer. Goodnight! If I contact you right before I go to sleep, maybe you’ll show up in my dreams.

What should we be doing if I dream about us being together? I’m having trouble going to sleep because I keep thinking about you.

Ruin Their Sleep With A Super flirty Goodnight texts
Ruin Their Sleep With A Super flirty Goodnight texts

Ruin Their Sleep With A Super flirty Goodnight texts

I really wish you were here right now. In bed, take a selfie. I just bought a brand-new nightgown that is just gorgeous. I wish you had been there to see it. Goodnight! I need my large or tiny spoon.

You won’t be able to fall asleep without snoring. JK. Good night, baby. Do you recognize your sexuality? Quite seductive to make it hard to sleep tonight. Goodnight.

I’m imagining what may happen if you were here right now. Spoiler, not asleep. goodnight
Baby, I can’t sleep. I could see all the things we could be doing to one another if you were here.

Babe It’s freezing here without you to keep my chilly feet toasty the way you enjoy.
Have you ever had sex with me in your dreams? Maybe tonight is the night. Sleep peacefully.

You know what, I’m dressed as you like. Goodnight! Maybe if I talk to you right before bed, you’ll appear in my dreams.

If I had a dream about us being together, what should we be doing? I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about you.

Flirty Goodnight Text For Him Long Distance
Flirty Goodnight Text For Him Long Distance

Flirty Goodnight Text For Him Long Distance

I’m so desperate for a hug. I really do miss you. Good night, sweetheart—I hope to see you in your dreams.

I enjoy the smell of your perfume on my pillow.” Sleep soundly, my love. I’m now in bed, but I’m thinking of you.”

Would that you were here. Be aware that I am considering you,” I adore you so much. Goodnight.

It will be challenging to get to sleep without your snoring. Good night, sweetheart! If you were here with me, I would sleep so much better. soon. Until then, Goodnight!

It’s going to be challenging for me to fall asleep tonight because I’ve become accustomed to your snoring.

I keep myself occupied throughout the day, and occasionally time flies, but at night, I really miss you.

The idea of encircling this pillow with my body doesn’t appeal to me at all. The best portion is absent.

In bed with my kitty, all cozy. You still have plenty of room, though. Just saying, good night.

Go to bed and think about all the inappropriate things you’ll do to me when we next cross paths.

Sweet dreams, even if your bed isn’t as huge as you are, don’t let that stop you from having high aspirations.

I was about to go to sleep when I realized how much I cherish you. I appreciate how you ruined a restful night.

Being with you all night long is the finest part of being at home. Please arrive shortly.” Love, good night.

Imagining what would occur if you were present at this moment. We would both be awake, spoiler warning. Goodnight!

Sleep tight, my darling, and have a good night. May tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring us closer together.

Being in your arms feels fantastic all the time. Even in my fantasies, I encircle myself in your warm embrace on nights when we are separated.

I can almost feel your soft touch all over me if I close my eyes tightly enough. You give me a sense of life. But for now, good night, and have a sound sleep.

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