Bathroom maintenance and care don’t just involve ordinary cleaning. The cleaning process goes beyond regular cleaning.

You also have to consider cleaning your bathroom cabinets. Surely, you want them to look as good as they did when you first got them.

But you cannot simply sit back and relax thinking the bathroom vanities will maintain the sleek look without additional effort.

Hot showers can generate steam, and this can damage the cabinet. This is the reason you need to maintain your cabinets regularly.

How to Clean Your Discount Bathroom Vanities?

Here are the top tips to clean and maintain your discount bathroom vanities.

Prevent Water Damage

Most of the bathroom vanity cabinets take pride in the manufacturing extensive sealing process that the vanities undergo, their warp-resistant materials, ad high-quality finishes or materials.

This meansbathroom vanities will not be damaged like regular furniture when they are exposed to a small amount of moisture or humid air.

When you leave water standing on the vanity, it can get damaged as any other furniture, stains, leaving water spots, or even casing mold, warping, or mildew with constant exposure over time.

Dust and Polish

Your modern bathroom vanities require routine cleaning. So, you need to wipe down the vanity with a dry and soft cloth for removing hair or loose dust. From time to time, you need to apply the wood polish using a soft cloth.

Make sure you rub it in the direction of the grain. It will not only remove dirt but can create a fresh barrier against moisture and dirt. Do not use silicone-based cleaner on your vanity. You should only use waxed-based cleaner.

Routine maintenance goes a long way in preventing dirt from penetrating the vanity and will boost the protection of the vanity, making sure it keeps looking new for a longer time.

Wipe Up Any Spills Instantly

If you leave any spills unattended, it can be a big danger to the wholesale cabinet that is made of wood or stone. For protecting the finish of the seal and wood on the vanity, use a simple blotting motion instead of just a wiping motion for getting rid of the spills. Keeping the vanity dry is the best way to make sure that it stays looking good and can help with the finishes on the stone and wood.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Discount cabinets in the bathroom are exposed to harsh conditions, but they are more like the other pieces of furniture in your bathroom in terms of how you should care for them. the harsh chemicals you are using to scrub the shower or toilet can spoil the finish right away.

So, it can do more harm than good. In case mildew or mold develops, it can be impossible to get rid of them without damaging the finish of the vanity. Hence, you should be consistent with regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent any serious issues from developing at all.

Clean the Vanity Top Regularly

Any spills on the bathroom vanity top need to be cleaned immediately to keep them from soaking into the stone. When it comes to routine cleaning, you need to wash the surface of the vanity a soft, clean, and warm water.

Non-abrasive and mild, pH-neutral cleaner intended for the kind of stone can be used for heavy soiling. However, plain water will suffice for regular cleaning.

A majority of the stone vanity tops are sealed when they are sold to you, but the finishing has to be reapplied, for it to remain effective.

So, you should buy stone sealant for the kind of stone and apply it following the instructions on the package for maintaining the top of the vanity. It will make sure that the top is resistant to stains and dirt.

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