Without a continual flow of potential customers, a service firm will fail. To start producing leads and filling your pipeline, you must first get insight into your target market, determine the channels in which they will be most engaged, create content, and combine several lead generation tactics.

As an agency owner, you already have a lot on your plate, including client detailing, supervising staff, maintaining records, issuing bills, etc.

Instead of spending a lot of time advertising content online and still not generating enough quality leads, you should reach out to your target clients.

Use pitches to achieve your goals. In this blog, we will take a look at a tried-and-true technique for pitching digital marketing services to a business.

The Proven 3-Step Strategy For Marketing Your Digital Services

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Attending networking events and convincing potential clients to take part in a sales call are just two examples of the many moving components that make up a successful digital marketing business. Anyhow, I’ve mapped out a three-stage process you can start implementing immediately to kick things into gear.

  • Explore other markets to ascertain possibilities for commercialization.
  • Get in touch with possible patrons and provide them with your pitch deck.
  • Develop a system for following up on promising leads.

For a more in-depth look, let’s say:

Initiate a market study To Find Profitable niches.

To ensure the survival and growth of your business, you must target an area where you can make a substantial profit. Before jumping into research, consider what you’re truly interested in. Once you’ve decided on a topic of interest, you may go deeper.

Discover Who Else Is Out There By Doing Some Exploring:

Create a list of the top five companies offering similar products or services. This will reveal their market approach and emphasize the services they value most.

Make a Presentation Deck And Set Up Sales Appointments.

Once a potential customer expresses interest in learning more about your services, you should immediately send them a Calendly link along with a request for a time window. Try to schedule your sales calls for the late afternoon or evening.

Create a Strategy For Following Up With Good Leads.

You should expect to hear a “no” from 60% of potential consumers at least four times before they agree to move forward with your services. This emphasizes the need to keep in touch with the people you have pitched. Prepare yourself to ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities for advancement.

Remember, before submitting a proposal to a company, establish connections with many people there. You can always reach out to a different person if a possible contact doesn’t answer.

The sooner you begin following up with a prospect, the less likely they are to forget about your original contact.


It’s possible that you’re putting too much emphasis on creating a sufficient number of outbound leads. It might also be helpful to have a fast game plan ready.

ZM Communication Digital Marketing Agency in Mississauga has constructed a beacon using proven marketing methods to attract the right customers. Are you prepared to shine a spotlight on your company?

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