Playing electronic games is something we all love and cherish, and some of our best memories have also originated from these amazing pieces of technological wizardry.

As time has progressed, the rudimentary concepts of electronic gaming have witnessed immense changes, and the genres that used to define this segment have also been transformed significantly.

Even the hardware bits that were once immensely popular have become outdated pretty easily, and dedicated gaming rigs and consoles are all the rage nowadays.

In this scenario, games that were once considered legendary across all genres found it downright difficult to compete with the modern crop of titles, despite them enjoying a significant fan following.

This is where the developers decided to get creative and come up with an entirely new concept of game development that would seamlessly fuse the modern gaming experience with the charm of the old storylines, characters, and overall essence.

Thus, acting on this theme, several companies started to launch remasters of their famous titles from the yesteryears, and while some of them didn’t go down too well with the fans, most of them became absolute hits seemingly overnight.

One such game that regained its supremacy with the launch of its remaster is Diablo 2. A stalwart of the action RPG segment, the game was initially launched in the early 2000s and gained significant traction pretty soon.

It was in the 2010s that it started to show its age, and Blizzard made sure weren’t lazy in remastering the game, and what a piece of art they managed to create with Diablo 2: Resurrected.

An extraordinary game in every sense of the word, it incorporated several features that were previously unseen in the world of action RPG games, while successfully managing to retain the soul of the original.

Diablo 2

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, players can witness a concoction of the original game and its expansion pack, Lord of Destruction.

Interestingly, the developers based the storyline of the sequel on the previous version of the game, Diablo, and the game picks up from where it left off with the conclusion of the first game.

There are several modernization factors that this game brought to the table. For one, this enabled players to buy diablo 2 runes, runewords, and other items from online stores.

The developers laid 3D graphics over the existing 2D graphics, and one can switch between the two if they so wished to, something that would deliver vintage and nostalgic feel.

In the modern iteration of the game, players can transfer items between characters directly from a common inventory, something that was quite impossible in the previous edition, and the only manner in which one could do that was by using a mule character.

Another major difference came in the manner in which players and fans could obtain the game. Earlier, one had to physically visit a CD or DVD store to procure the game, but that’s not the case anymore.

Nowadays, anyone can buy diablo 2 resurrected from several online stores there are. Now, let us take a brief look at the storyline and plot of the game.

Table Of Contents

The Plot.

For players who are familiar with Diablo and Diablo 2, the plot would be quite similar as Diablo 2 was created as a continuation of the first one and resurrected is just a remastered version of Diablo 2, without any major changes to the storyline.

In Diablo 2, one can witness the hero’s body taken over by the evil and corruption whom he had defeated in the first version in the Sanctuary. The devils are using his body to unleash hell on the world around them.

A band of adventurers decides to ascertain the reason behind this death and destruction as they pass through the rogue encampment, and soon, the secrets of the land are revealed to them in the most horrifying manner possible.

The storyline is divided into four acts, and there are a large number of characters who play quite a significant role in the overall progression of the game.

Act 1- The adventurers embark on a mission to free Deckard Cain, and after a brief tryst with the dark wanderer, they defeat Andariel and follow the wanderer eastwards.

Act 2- In this section, one can witness the adventurers searching the eastern deserts for Tal-Rasha’s tomb, but it is the wanderer who locates the tomb before the wanderers. Marius gets tricked into removing Baal’s Soulstone, and Tyrael orders him to take it to hell to destroy it.

Act 3- After a chaotic and convoluted chain of events, Mephisto finally manages to break free, and reunite with his brothers to open a portal to hell. This portal is used by the wanderer, who had transformed into Diablo by this point, to travel back to the annals of hell. After epic combat, the adventurers manage to defeat Mephisto and grab his soul stone.

If you buy Diablo 2 resurrected, you would be coming across Diablo himself in hell, and after an epic boss fight, the adventurers manage to defeat Diablo for good and destroy the evil soul stones in the hellforge.

Final Take:

Diablo 2: Resurrected is a remastered version of the OG action RPG game and has managed to garner fans all over the world.

In this edition of the game, several modern advancements were previously unseen in this segment.

If you are someone who is an action RPG game fanatic, you should buy diablo 2 runes and enjoy the game to the fullest, for the experience is truly worth reliving.

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