Convertkit is an email marketing tool that enables you to build an email list and connect with your subscribers.

In this ConvertKit review, I show you how you can send broadcast emails to your complete list, send automated email sequences and convert your subscribers into buyers.

And that is all on autopilot. I have been using Convertkit since 2017, and I was able to make $50.000 in revenue from it! In this post, I will show you exactly what I did to achieve that!

What is ConvertKit?


ConvertKit is a solution for email marketing that enables users to run advanced email marketing campaigns. Using this email marketing solution, you can quickly and easily create opt-in forms, tag subscribers, set up automation, and send email follow-up messages.

ConvertKit Features

✔ Pop-up forms ✔ Unlimited Forms ✔ Lead magnet delivery
✔ Inline forms ✔ Responsive templates ✔ Automatic delivery
✔ Slide-in forms ✔ Customize design ✔ Course sign up
✔ Set timers ✔ Custom fields ✔ Hosted landing pages
✔ Exit pop-up ✔ GDPR compliant ✔ Opt-in incentives
✔ Double-opt-in ✔ Content upgrades
✔ WordPress plugin


✔ Subscriber data ✔ ‘If this, then that’ Rules ✔ One-off
✔ Subscribers w/in funnel ✔ Choose days/timing ✔ Integrate with RSS feed
✔ Opt-in conversions, ✔ Drag-and-drop builder
✔ Visual Sequences
✔ Tag/Segment Subscribers

Convertkit For Free

One of the things that I like best about Convertkit is that you don’t have to pay anything to get started. This enables you to expand your email list while familiarizing yourself with the Convertkit user interface.

ConvertKit Email Automation

Automated emails can be sent in a sequence using Convertkit Pro. So, when someone joins your email list, you may choose to send them a personalized email (such as a “welcome” message that includes their first name) within hours or a few days, or even on a specific day of the week, depending on your preferences.

Any new signups will begin receiving an automatic message the following Monday, and they will continue to get it every day for the next ten days, providing them with relevant information about the subject they have expressed an interest in.

Every week, as long as new subscribers are being added to my email list, I can start to market a tool with an affiliate link in at least one of the sequences of emails I send.

Convertkit Pricing

Let’s talk about the pricing first before we get into all of the features that are included in the pro version! There are two different Pro plans, and the price of each one is determined by the number of subscribers that you currently have on your list.

You have access to all of the functionalities necessary to automate and expand your email list with the Creator plan. The difference between this plan and the free one is that you have the ability to send automated sequences.

That is a fantastic way to make money off of your list on autopilot while at the same time assisting the people who have subscribed to it. The maximum number of subscribers allowed for the $29 per month price is 1,000.

If you choose to make payments monthly rather than yearly, you will be responsible for this additional cost. If you pay for the service by the year, you will receive a discount equal to two months. When you reach a certain size threshold, you will immediately be upgraded to the next pricing tier.

ConvertKit Pro Plan

If you go with the Creator Pro plan at Convertkit, you will be able to create custom Facebook Audiences, make use of the Referral System and Subscriber Scoring, and have access to advanced reports.

In addition, you will have access to all of the features that are included in the plan. People who utilize Facebook Ads are the target audience for the Creator Pro. If you want to get a discount on convertkit pro plan, check out ConvertKit Discount Code.

Which Convertkit Plan Is Suitable For You?

Start with a free plan if you don’t want to use automated sequences (which means that you will send automated emails shortly after someone signs up). You can upgrade to the Pro plan if you have more than 1,000 subscribers or employ automated sequences.

It’s possible to move up to the Creator Pro plan after you begin advertising on Facebook. I’m a big fan of the Pro plan and have been using it for quite some time now. So, let’s have a look at how to get started with Convertkit and what it can do for you.


My opinion is that Converkit is a terrific way to automate the process of building an email list while both providing value to your audience and earning a substantial income. Easy to use, you can get started for free, and there are many opportunities to earn back the cost of your plans if you upgrade to the pro plan.

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