With an assortment of kitchen sponges and wipers available on the market, you don’t need to stick to your outdated cleaning sponge.

Right now, you need complete know-how about the types of sponges and wipers you’d need for your kitchen.

Not every sponge is suitable for cleaning every utensil and cookware. The same goes for wipers. You’ll find different kitchen wipers for different purposes.

Know about your cleaning sponges and wiper:

cleaning sponges and wiper

1) Kitchen Sponges:

  • Abrasive sponges

Abrasive sponges are made from plastic. It helps in removing tough stains and is suitable for hard-to-clean surfaces. They are good for cleaning utensils and cookware for removing stuck food debris, and baked food remains on pots and pans. It’s not suitable for delicate and soft surfaces like porcelain, glass and non-stick coatings.

  • Cellulose sponges

These sponges are made from plant-based fibers and are eco-friendly. They are the most common and cheapest options among kitchen sponges. They have perforations and can retain a significant amount of liquid.

They are soft and suitable for cleaning glassware and ceramics. The sponges can last for 6 months if properly cared for.

  • Abrasive+Cellulose sponges

A combination of the two kinds is used for multi-functionality. These sponges have one abrasive side and another cellulose sponge side. So it serves both purposes in a single cleaning sponge. You can use any side according to your requirement.

  • Wire sponges

These are also called steel wools. They are made from wires and steel or metallic filaments bundled in a ball. They have high abrasive power.

They are helpful for cleaning heavy iron pots and pans with difficult stains and burn patches. It’s also ideal for iron stoves, grills and utensils.

  • Dobie sponges

Dobie sponges are the classic kitchen sponges for regular cleaning of dishes, cookware, and metallic utensils like copperware, glass, ceramics and bone china. It’s a non-scratch sponge made from synthetic materials like nylon mesh.

Kitchen Wipers

2) Kitchen Wipers:

  • Cellulose wipers

These wipers are excellent absorbers made from plant-based fibers. They are soft, flexible and wipe away any kind of spills. They have good elasticity and do not tear easily. They last for a pretty long time.

  • Kitchen tissue wipes

These come in rolls or tissue packs. They are made from paper and are a quick fix for spot dirt or spills. It’s best to choose ones that are made from 100% natural virgin paper pulp. They are highly absorbent.

  • Microfiber wipes

These are cloth wipes. Microfiber makes these wipers super-absorbent. They are thinner than regular cloth and fibers. They can be used for post-wash drying of delicate dishware made from glass, porcelain and ceramics.

Microfiber wipes are incredibly soft and don’t cause friction or leave scratches on the surface. Due to this feature, microfiber wipes are popularly used for cleaning display screens and clear glasses.

  • Squeegee wiper

Squeegee wipers are great for maintaining kitchen countertops, draining spills or water and quickly removing debris from the surface.

It’s highly recommended to use kitchen squeegees (usually smaller than regular squeegees) if you have an expensive countertop made from granite or with delicate finishes.

Selected cleaning sponges and wiper for your kitchen:

1) Scotch Brite Dobie All-Purpose

Like Dobie sponges, this yellow sponge from Scotch Brite is an excellent multi-purpose scrubber for general dish cleaning to scrubbing away burnt debris.

It isn’t very absorbent, which means it will dry fast. This is a pro, considering how damp sponges are attractive homes for bacteria.

2) Scrub Daddy Color Coded Sponges

These smiley-faced sponges come in a pack of 3 assorted colored sponges. They are scratch resistant and scrub away debris and grime. It looks innovative, and it’s versatile. Its design provides an ergonomic grip.

Additionally, it is dishwasher safe to help you clean it after use. The color coding helps prevent cross-contamination, and the smiley face design provides cuts for cleaning smaller items like spoons and forks.

3) Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges

These sponges have a dual side. One side for heavy, abrasive cleaning and another softer side for gentle cleaning.

It’s excellent for removing grime and grease from cast-iron cookware. It’s designed for cleaning non-coated surfaces. The dual action makes it multifaceted.

4) Scotch Brite Sponge Cleaning Wipes

These are highly durable and super-absorbent wipes that are a savior for accidental spills, spotless cleaning and wiping. It is made from 100% natural fibers. The high absorbency makes it absorb water 13 times its weight.

It is tear resistant and doesn’t leave behind any odor after wipes. It remains soft even when dry and won’t crack.

It is versatile; it can be used in the kitchen and around the household for wiping glass, laminations and glazed surfaces.

When buying cleaning sponges and wiper for your kitchen, check whether it’s dishwasher-friendly. Otherwise, for complete cleaning of the sponges or wipes, soak them in a bowl of dishwasher solution, and you can reuse them several times.

Cellulose and natural fiber sponges and wipes are great environment-friendly options, although they have less longevity than Dobies and synthetic sponges. Take a look here if this got you interested in exploring options in kitchen sponges and wipes.

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