Casing a House, When it comes to your home’s security, don’t take chances. Learn the signs that burglars leave when they’re casing your home, so you can be prepared.

casing a house

Casing a House

Bellow are some tried and true methods the bad guys use in casing a house

  1. Tracking: Burglar may keep an eye on your house for many days to see when you leave and return. Most criminals do not want a physical confrontation in the house because it will only complicate matters and lengthen the crime. Look for folks who are loitering in your area for no apparent reason.
  2.  Scams: Burglars will come knocking at your door. They may pose as salespeople or be lost, and will ring your doorbell to see whether you are home and who answers the door. This is also a fantastic approach to see whether there is a dog on the premises and how big it is. Burglars are less likely to break into a house that has a huge dog.
  3. Running: Running or walking through a neighborhood is another monitoring strategy. They may try to conceal themselves in athletic apparel or wear clothing that is inappropriate for their activities. If you see someone like this, give them a friendly wave or a friendly “Hello.” Let them know they’ve been observed in a covert good way.
  4. Flyers: Have you ever received those obnoxious pamphlets advertising lawn services or new takeout restaurants? They can be valid, but they can also be indicators for thieves. Regardless, you must get rid of them as soon as possible. If a door hanger flier is left on your door for too long, it may make your property appear unoccupied.
  5. Again, most burglars will not battle you for your belongings. They want a soft, easy prey to attack and then disappear. By discreetly speaking their language, you may make your home a difficult target for burglars. You can put your house in a position to say, “This is not the house you’re looking for. Proceed.”
  6. Peeping: Whether your home has windows on the first floor, potential burglars will look through them to check if there is anything valuable inside. Most of the time, they’re seeking for stuff that can be quickly snatched and pawned or fenced. Keep your valuables hidden from view.

casing a house

  1. People Pretending to Sell You Something: Door-to-door sales aren’t as common as they once were. Be careful of anyone who approaches you and claims to be selling anything you require. Stay away if they don’t have a product in their hand.
  2. People Pretending to Conduct a Survey: When someone approaches you with a survey, always be cautious. To determine whether they are genuine, ask questions. Inquire about the company or organization they work for, as well as their name and job title.
  3. Strangers Walking Down Your Street: Knowing your neighbors is always a good idea so you can spot people attempting to blend in. When neighbors don’t engage and people stay to themselves, burglars notice. This informs them that if they chose your home, no one will report a robbery.
  4. Strange Cars Parked in Your Neighborhood: Is there a car you’ve never seen before driving around your neighborhood? It may be a burglar looking for a home to break into. Report it to the police if you see someone parking for an extended period of time or someone who comes regularly but does not enter a property.

How to Stop Your Home From Becoming Target Of Casing a House 

It appears that burglars may be scoping out your home. Burglars, on the other hand, will always chose an easy victim. You’re unlikely to have your home chosen if it’s not an easy target. But what defines a simple target? How can you make your home less appealing to burglars?

Install a Home Security System

Install a Home Security System

According to the majority of studies, having a home security system is your best defense against burglars. A home security system means that an alarm is installed on every door and window, scaring away any burglar who tries to enter.

When an alarm goes off, robbers almost always flee, according to a poll conducted by an Idaho news station. When an alarm goes off, robbers risk a lot of trouble if they linger and try to finish the job.

If the intruder does not depart immediately, the alarm will draw every eye in the neighborhood to the house, making it probable that many neighbors may spot the invaders.

Thieves aren’t looking for a challenge; instead, they’re looking for the simplest house to break into, take the goods, and flee.

A home security system, fortunately for the homeowner, offers a hurdle to criminals. Intruders are aware that the cops are on their way as soon as the alarm goes off.

Because home security systems make it difficult for thieves and burglars to break in, it’s unlikely that a burglar will target a home with one.

Lock Your Door

Many homeowners in the United States do not lock their doors before leaving the house, which may surprise you.

One of the most popular doors left unlocked is the patio door, making it easy for criminals to gain access.

Some burglars will approach residences and attempt the door handle to locate their prey. The aim is the first house with an open door.

You should always lock your door, whether you’re at home or away, to keep undesirable intruders out.

Put Up a Home Security Sign

Put Up a Home Security Sign

A home security system will not prevent your home from being broken into unless the thief is aware that it is protected.

Most alarm providers will give you a home security sign when you purchase a home security system. The sign can be hung on the front yard or in the home’s windows. Don’t throw away the sign when you obtain it.

Put the placard in the yard or the windows instead. The presence of the sign will inform robbers that your home is safeguarded and that they should avoid it.

Use Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors will be included in your home security system. One of the most crucial devices included are door and window sensors. The base and the magnet are two pieces of the door sensor.

The door’s base is attached to the door trim, and the magnet is attached to the door itself. The two sections should connect when the door is closed.

When the door sensor is activated, it is nearly impossible to set out a false alarm. The door sensor will sound an alarm if the door is opened.

The window sensor functions in the same way that the door alarm does. The window sensor has one side that is connected to the window trim and the other half that is connected to the window.

The two pieces should join when the window is closed, just like the door sensor. The window sensor will sound an alarm if the window is opened while the security system is turned on.

Set Up a Neighborhood Watch

The window sensor functions in the same way that the door alarm does. The window sensor has one side that is connected to the window trim and the other half that is connected to the window.

The two pieces should join when the window is closed, just like the door sensor. The window sensor will sound an alarm if the window is opened while the security system is turned on.

A neighborhood watch is a group of local residents that band together to protect their community.

Neighborhood watch members will be volunteers who simply care about their own safety and the protection of those they care about.

Members are expected to attend meetings to discuss local crime and communicate with the local police on a regular basis. By talking with the police, you are assisting them in remaining alert and active in your community, hence reducing overall crime.

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