A high-altitude lake near Manali, Himachal Pradesh, is the site of the Bhrigu Lake Trek. From Manali, it is only a three-day hike.

The best part of the Bhrigu Lake Trek is that it takes just three days to ascend 14,000 feet. If they are fully trained, they typically accomplish this feat on the fourth or fifth day.

So, try finishing something similar in three days. The majority of alpine meadows begin above the tree line, at an elevation of 11,000 feet.

Within the first 10 minutes of the trek itself, you begin moving down the meadows. With the help of this useful guide, you can learn more about this trek and have a great time exploring the challenging trails nearby.

Bhrigu Lake

Best Season for the Bhrigu Lake Trek:

Due to the adrenaline rush it provides, trekking in Himachal Pradesh is always difficult but remains one of the top priorities for hikers. The trek starts in Manali and is about 11 km long. The trek may end in Vashist or Manali.

From mid-May to mid-October, you can begin your journey to the Bhrigu Lake Trek. Since the rainy season falls between June and August, these are the best months to go on a trek. Landslides could occur at night.

If you want to hike the Bhrigu Lake Trail in December, daytime temperatures range from 10 to 15 degrees, and nighttime lows are even lower. Even 0 degrees are possible at night. Even for experienced trekkers, winter trekking in the Himalayas can be overwhelming.

When travelling in December, the winter trek to Bhrigu Lake is full of snowfall. The area is completely covered in thick snow, and it can get as cold as minus 10 degrees Celsius. In addition, the upper reaches are covered in a lot of snow! There is absolutely no access to Bhrigu Lake. Therefore, undertaking the trek during the winter is not advised.

Trek to Bhrigu Lake route

From Manali, you must take a car to Gulaba, where you must hike upwards to reach Rola Kholi. Gulaba (2600) to Rola Kholi from Manali (2050 m) (3810 m). It is a 7 km hike that takes about 4-5 hours.

The Bhrigu Lake Trek begins in Gulaba, which is 22 kilometres from Manali by car. Gulaba is a location on the route to Rohtang Pass.

The trek begins in Gulaba and passes through Rola Kholi. Following that, there is a challenging uphill trek to Bhrigu and back. It takes almost 7-8 hours and 14 km to hike from Rola to Bhrigu Lake and then to Pandu Ropa.

Bhrigu Lake Trek Cost

The trek to Bhrigu Lake is reasonably priced. You can set aside roughly 6000–7000 per person if you decide to do it.

When you make a reservation with a tour operator, they present a full package that contains food for the duration of the journey. Triple, double, or even single sharing is used to handle this lodging in the tents.

Main attractions

Himalayan mountaineering will always introduce you to a new culture. You will understand that Bhrigu Lake is situated between the ridges of two high-altitude peaks when you are trekking to the destination.

You’ll notice that the lake has many different appearances. It occasionally changes colour to blue, or green, or has ice floating on it. In the winter, it can occasionally be completely frozen.

You can visit the lake during the monsoon season and find some grass and flowers there. Just to experience the breathtaking view of the lake, this trek is worthwhile.

As soon as you begin your trek, you will enter the meadows. There, some of the significant peaks that you have only read about in books can be seen.

When you are strolling through the grasslands, you will see Ladakhi, Shitidhar, and Hanuman Tibba. But once you reach the top, you will also see Indrasen and Deo Tibba. The Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges are also visible in clear weather.

The best activity is hiking and trekking, so here are some tips.

The following are some suggestions for trekking in Bhrigu Lake and things to bear in mind before you go:

  • For your first trek, pick a straightforward route.
  • Prepare for your trek properly by knowing where you’re going.
  • Early start to training
  • Don’t forget to bring the appropriate shoes.
  • Carry weight, ideally in a backpack, and practise walking.
  • Include first aid supplies, bandages, and medications for headaches, dysentery, and other common emergencies in your bag.
  • Maintain a down jacket, sweater, pair of wool pants, and rain gear.
  • Keep bandages, sunblock, antiseptic cream, and other items on hand.
  • Batteries for additional torches
  • A pocket knife and a duffel bag for winter
  • If you want to see snow in January, take on the Bhrigu Lake trek.

By Air: 

Kullu’s Bhuntar Airport is accessible by air. This is located 52 kilometres from Manali. There are available local taxi services that you can use.

A 7-seater car can get you from Bhuntar to Manali for about $1650. If it is a sedan or a smaller car, the price might be lower. You can take flights from Chandigarh and Delhi to Kullu.

By Road:

Chandigarh (312 km) and New Delhi are the closest major cities to Manali (553 km). Take the bus from Delhi to Manali if you intend to hike to Bhrigu Lake, and then proceed to the campsite.

So long as you simply adore nature and trekking, the Bhrigu Lake Trek will be a fantastic experience. Make sure to get yourself mentally and physically ready.

After all this, what else are you waiting for? Adventure seekers can fully immerse themselves in the beauty of nature here. So be sure to participate in the Bhrigu Lake Trek while you’re on vacation in Manali.

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