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Beard hair transplant is a kind of surgical procedure in which an expert professional extract hair follicle from one part of the body and implant them onto the face to treat the bald patches on the face.

People who are unable to have naturally grown Beard Hair Transplant, due to medical or non-medical reasons, tend to undergo this treatment so that they get a fully grown beard. Like other kinds of transplant treatments, this technique also involves multiple steps.

Since a person’s body could reject hair from another person therefore you must get your hair to have this transplant done.

Overall, this is very useful as it offers a permanent solution to this who have either few facial hairs or no hair at all. Continue reading to know all about the Side Effects and Benefits of Beard Hair Transplant.

Why Get the Treatment?

The main goal of the treatment is to provide the individual with a sharp beard hairline. It makes individuals more confident and improves their appearance. The procedure is very safe and effective.

It provides the desired results if carried out by an experienced surgeon. The recovery is also simple and relatively short as compared to other treatments.


This version of the transplant results in the growth of permanent facial hair. The implanted hair may fall off after a few weeks but it’s pretty normal.

However, that facial hair would regrow after a couple of months and are likely to appear as naturally grown permanent hair that can be shaved off and would regrow again. Moreover, you could style the transplanted hair the way you want your beard to be.

Beard Hair Transplant

What are the Benefits of the Transplant?

This kind of treatment is beneficial for a variety of factors. These include:

  • The transplant could help you get rid of bald patches, or thicken the existing facial hairline,
  • Primarily, this treatment helps you get naturally grown facial hair,
    It’s a long-lasting solution,
  • It doesn’t involve any serious risks or complications,
  • It helps one get rid of cosmetic products thus saves your time and money,
  • The results produced are fantastic and
  • Finally, after getting a natural growth of facial hair, a man is likely to feel more masculine and confident.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

If you’re an adult man who is struggling to grow facial hair (they could either be a few hairs with bald patches or no hair at all) and none of the ordinary treatments have worked to your advantage, you are an ideal candidate for this kind of surgical procedure.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

It’s a multi-step process. These are all described below

  • During the first step, the doctor would extract hair from your body.
  • The second step of the treatment is to make small cuts in the face where hairs are to be implanted.
  • The third step involves implanting hair into those incisions.
  • Finally, the doctor would clean and bandage the treated part.
  • Normally, doctors employ one of the two techniques: FUE (Follicular unit extraction) or FUT (Follicular unit transplantation).

In both these techniques, the only difference is in the step of extraction of the follicles. The implantation of these hair grafts is the same. It is carried out manually but placed one graft at a time.

 What are the Side Effects of the Treatment?

Although it’s relatively safer to get your facial hair grown, it could result in some complications as well in a few cases. Scarring, swelling, and infection are the three biggest downsides of this kind of treatment.

Scarring and swelling are usually temporary and short-lived as they are expected to go away after two to three days of the treatment.

However, infection, that’s a rare side effect of Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai & UAE, if the procedure is carried out under the supervision of an expert professional, requires immediate doctor’s intervention.

To avoid these kinds of side effects, it’s crucial to follow precautionary measures and keep the affected area clean, dry, and hygienic.

How Much Does the Transplant Cost?

The cost of the procedure varies from person to person as it depends on several variables. These include techniques adopted by the surgeon, size of the region being treated, current condition and expected results of the individual, reputation and location of the clinic, sessions required to get desired results, and the expertise of the surgeon carrying out the procedure.


There are several Side Effects and Benefits of Beard Hair Transplant that are all discussed by the surgeon during the initial consultation with the patient.

Their current condition is thoroughly reviewed and examined by the surgeon and then the treatment is planned accordingly.

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