Exploring the Akashic Records is a powerful transformation that heals you from your past traumatic fears and events. Akashic records can be a very effective tool if used with the right direction of guidance.

After that, A highly holistic Akashic Records Course can be transformational in a way that eventually turns out valuable for you.

The energy revealed is the soul’s individuality, expression, potential, and purposes. Akashic

Records will accompany you on a journey into your soul’s existence in this universe and find those repeated patterns creating blockages in your current life.

Tapping Your Untapped Potential Towards Healing Your And Others’ Soul

Akashic Records

Just imagine yourself unlocking a book that narrated your soul’s story. In other words, Then you discovered that the hurting parts held the key to understanding yourself as a whole. An Akashic Records course is the transformative method we can encounter in Akashic Records. An Akashic Records is an energetic library of the soul and its journey.

However, Our soul automatically removes all the experiences from our conscious mind when transferring to another body.

In this way, all the choices and experiences of our previous life get stored in our subconscious minds. Akashic Records training course that assists and guides you in exploring the possibilities and potential hidden within Akashic Records.

The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom’s Akashic Records Training Courses

Lisa Barnett is the originator of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. Through the help of her creatively designed courses, she heals and guides you in constructing a life that results in a complete positive personality transformation.

This school has been a part of the ancient Mystery School of Wisdom, which is successfully operating and evolving.

By undertaking the Akashic Records Training Courses, you streamline the mystery of this divine domain. It will help you step by step to access the Akashic Record for day-to-day usefulness in all areas of work and life.

Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom is a living manifestation of such guidance. The tools offered in the Akashic Records Courses permit immediate access to the Akashic Record.

For instance, These are simple tools to take the mystery out of accessing soul information – but they retain their sacredness and power.

These courses are with purpose, integrity, passion, and compassion. Accessing the Akashic Records is one of the most robust tools.

Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom’s Certified Healing Consultant And Teacher

Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom has a highly skilled faculty of teachers and healers that have undergone 80-220 hours of classroom study, 5-13 courses, and 75-200 consultations. They are always ready to teach and help you in healing through the magical methods of Akashic Records Courses.

Your akashic records training include all of the knowledge of your earlier incarnations, whether you have troubling memories, struggling relationships, financial problems, job problems, financial blocks, or abandonment.

Above all, Lisa Barnett and her team of highly skilled teachers will help you to access the details from your previous life that is blocking you from living a preplanned & peaceful life.

After that, She will support you cure your soul from past life traumas by accessing this understanding.

In addition supply you with complete information from when your soul was constructed. There is no age limit to avail this fantastic opportunity to become a trained Akashic Records opener.

With the Course in Personal Healing Through the Akashic Records Training Course. This school conveys how we can utilize our impairments to restrict conduct. OR beliefs we hold about ourselves as a pathway to inner peace.

You will learn how to tap into this endless resource to acquire a soul-level outlook. On your injuries and open their possibility for growth by investigating:

  • How to access the Akashic Records utilizing the Pathway Prayer Process
  • Recommendations for recognizing your preliminary sacred wound, hurtful circumstance, individual, or the possibility of holding you back.
  • Techniques for liberating you from old ideas and restraining patterns.
  • Tools for making choices aligned with your original self for your most elevated good.
  • Three modes to activate the “Ascension Matrix” to support you learn your expectancies and dreams.

By accessing your Akashic Record, you will:

  • Unlock your heart to accept the support you require to pursue your soul’s path.
  • Comprehend your relationships and how to recover them.
  • Align to your Soul’s Strategy to aid you in completing the life your soul intended.
  • Clear your energy field so that you can set healthy boundaries.
  • Receive tools to learn from and release the karma that keeps you stuck in old patterns.
  • Revise your soul agreements and obtain those that no longer benefit you to satisfy.
  • Raise your energy vibration to increase your healing abilities and strengthen your intuition,
  • Remove money blocks to facilitate the flow of abundance into your life.
  • Reclaim past lives’ talents to support you now.

Therefore, Locate the key to accessing your soul’s purpose so you can alter your life with comfort. Your soul has a distinctive mission.

And by understanding to access your Akashic records you can discover that mission and receive precise, actual guidance for how to complete your soul’s plan

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